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After receiving my Librem 5 last week I finally got around to setting things up and digging into to the various bits. Already hunting down a few bugs, workarounds, and fixes. Fun stuff! 😁 :fedora: :silverblue: boosted

In Case anyone is curious,

@craftyguy and I successfully sent an encrypted MMS via gpg!

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I showed someone my Pinephone today, they thought it was neat, but they said that they would only be interested in using it if there was a program that hung up on calls that weren't from her contact list.

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Another fun fact: Chatty/mmsd-tng doesn't limit you to what file type you send/receive over MMS, provided it is under the attachment size limit. However, if you send wacky file attachments to iOS or Android, they won't recognize it due to limitations on their end.

If you are really adventurous, you can change the file attachment limit in mmsd-tng too (you need to hand edit the settings file).

(Carriers may impose a limits though, so YMMV. I only tested on T-Mobile USA).

@twann xmpp is how I do sms and mms. Yay 😁

@MrDers yeah... I was hoping there was a way to get around that using just my linux userspace. I'm not going to download windows 😂

Does anyone know how to flash an android KDZ firmware using Linux? All I am finding are windows utilities and they don't work for me in Wine. I'm failing to flash LineageOS to my LGV20 :fedora: :silverblue: boosted

I started daily driving my OG exactly a month ago, and so far the only reason I turned on my Android phone was to give me access to Signal, andd then to just wipe it fully.

I would call that a success so far! :fedora: :silverblue: boosted

Want your in January or early February? Today is the last day for pre-CNY orders.

Store link:

Orders placed on January 18th onward ship in late February.

@gaurdianaq ah shucks, could be. Could maybe check the forums? But I'm not sure what else to look at myself. :fedora: :silverblue: boosted

PinePhone Pro now works with the keyboard case, effectively turning the device into a Pinebook Pro mini with a modem!

@gaurdianaq on one machine it is an rx580, the other is an integrated ryzen 5700u so whatever that comes with heh. I don't have any extra drivers than what comes with Fedora Silverblue.

@gaurdianaq huh 👀 yeah, not sure? I've not had problems myself. But I'm on Silverblue so I don't know if that makes any difference.

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