Anyone here use toolbox for setting up like, different environments? How do YOU use toolbox (not to be confused with me asking how to use it, but how do you personally use it)

Experimenting with fedora kinoite, currently I just have a single developer toolbox where I'm installing all my languages and such that I want to work with, maybe if I was like, developing an actual app of decent scale that had lots of different dependencies I'd create separate ones.

@gaurdianaq I have a few different boxes. 1 for Fedora packaging (mostly use similar dependencies), 1 for FemtoIDE (for making Pokitto games), 1 "Default" toolbox which I don't really use often. A lot of times I will spin up a toolbox for specific purpose, then blow it away. (Like when I was playing with D or Vala). I did have in a box for wine, but stopped doing that.

@torbuntu fair, have you ever had an issue where stuff inside a toolbox runs slower? trying to run calligra, and noticing the menus are a bit unresponsive, trying to figure out if this is an issue with toolbox, or something on my computer not agreeing with kde/calligra

@gaurdianaq 🤔 not that I know of? Everything has been about the same as I'd expect elsewhere. Have you tried running the program from toolbox and seeing if any output mentions something like missing libs or something? Not sure about the kde related stuff as I haven't used it in quite some time 😬

@torbuntu seems to also happen with vscode if I try and switch menus too quickly it freezes up a bit

@gaurdianaq Did you try to see if it gave any warnings or any output in the terminal when running?


@gaurdianaq huh 👀 yeah, not sure? I've not had problems myself. But I'm on Silverblue so I don't know if that makes any difference.

@torbuntu honestly it might make a difference, since i still want to try kde out more, might either go with regular fedora, or try nixos

What kind of gpu do you have and what drivers do you have installed?

@gaurdianaq on one machine it is an rx580, the other is an integrated ryzen 5700u so whatever that comes with heh. I don't have any extra drivers than what comes with Fedora Silverblue.

@torbuntu could be something related to nvidia then as well 🤷

@gaurdianaq ah shucks, could be. Could maybe check the forums? But I'm not sure what else to look at myself.

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