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I find myself using more and more matrix for all chats. I like the open source feel to it. Variety of clients, and open access rooms and spaces, just like good old times in IRC.

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📢 This Week in GNOME #15 "Sepia and App Updates" is online now!

The new issue contains news about libadwaita, Shortwave, Health, Fractal, Dialect - and much more!

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Just in time for the upcoming 41.1 GNOME Calls release, here is an updated Anti-Spam program, now with a much friendlier GUI!

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@purism … and on a side note: it's great that working with all those different upstreams (#GNOME, #wlroots, #linux, #mesa, #fdo,, #debian, …) works so well so far so we can run together rather than against each other. :fedora: :silverblue: boosted :fedora: :silverblue: boosted

I really wish more developers would focus on the flatpak world. I’ve seen a lot of apps hold back on new features because distros couldn’t support them. :fedora: :silverblue: boosted

The third installment of my #Pixelween2021 fictional horror series, The Visitor, this time iiiin spaaace!
80x120px (restricted), 16 colors (restricted)
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A #CatTree sitting by itself. If plants feed themselves from the sun, why is this thing always meowing?
32x32px, 8 colors
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@aday blogged about some of the platform work we've been doing lately.

tl;dr: GNOME apps are going to look so dope in a few months, it's kind of ridiculous :P :fedora: :silverblue: boosted

A #set of 8 application #ComputerIcons
8x8px each (restriction: 32x32px), Dawnbringer 32 palette
Apps are (left to right, top to bottom): Firefox, Affinity Designer, Blender, Steam, (my logo), Aseprite, Discord, Love2D, PicoCAD
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I gave a short talk about #debian on mobile devices at the #DebianMiniDebconf in Regensburg last weekend ( and I could present the slides using a #librem5 with HDMI over usb-c connected to the presenter and phom ( as a virtual mouse. Needed some hacks still to e.g. bring up #squeekboard to exit full screen but I think we can make this work out of the box in the future.

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A #screen-obsessed youth. Maybe trying to get into the 'net?
64x64, 4 frames, Archerer48 palette
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#phosh's CI pipeline can now take screenshots of some parts of the shell in different languages and link to these as parts of a merge request. This hopefully helps translators, designers and develpers to figure out more easily how things look in different languages:

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I started working on session verification for Fractal-next. Still a long way to go, but it's a start. :fedora: :silverblue: boosted
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