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I really wish more developers would focus on the flatpak world. I’ve seen a lot of apps hold back on new features because distros couldn’t support them. :fedora: :silverblue: boosted

The third installment of my #Pixelween2021 fictional horror series, The Visitor, this time iiiin spaaace!
80x120px (restricted), 16 colors (restricted)
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A #CatTree sitting by itself. If plants feed themselves from the sun, why is this thing always meowing?
32x32px, 8 colors
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@aday blogged about some of the platform work we've been doing lately.

tl;dr: GNOME apps are going to look so dope in a few months, it's kind of ridiculous :P :fedora: :silverblue: boosted

A #set of 8 application #ComputerIcons
8x8px each (restriction: 32x32px), Dawnbringer 32 palette
Apps are (left to right, top to bottom): Firefox, Affinity Designer, Blender, Steam, (my logo), Aseprite, Discord, Love2D, PicoCAD
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I gave a short talk about #debian on mobile devices at the #DebianMiniDebconf in Regensburg last weekend ( and I could present the slides using a #librem5 with HDMI over usb-c connected to the presenter and phom ( as a virtual mouse. Needed some hacks still to e.g. bring up #squeekboard to exit full screen but I think we can make this work out of the box in the future.

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A #screen-obsessed youth. Maybe trying to get into the 'net?
64x64, 4 frames, Archerer48 palette
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#phosh's CI pipeline can now take screenshots of some parts of the shell in different languages and link to these as parts of a merge request. This hopefully helps translators, designers and develpers to figure out more easily how things look in different languages:

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I started working on session verification for Fractal-next. Still a long way to go, but it's a start. :fedora: :silverblue: boosted

IP mobile phone is my future. Any recommendations on a US based data only sim plan? :fedora: :silverblue: boosted

Coming soon to Chatty and mmsd-tng:

The ability to autopopulate MMS settings!

On that note, now is a great time to check if your MMS settings are up to date here:

If not, please help them out and fill out the settings info.

Might be time to see how Apache Groovy 4 beta 1 works :D :fedora: :silverblue: boosted :fedora: :silverblue: boosted

We're excited to announce the official release of GNOME 41! After six months of work from the GNOME community, this release brings many exciting updates!

See the release notes for all the details:

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