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My campaign is live for the Obsidian , it's the form factor clone running an ESP32 I mentioned a while back.

I've made very quick demos running various hats from and IDE, I'll post some of those later.

Tom the turkey has to be in disguise to survive Thanksgiving. (I should not be left unsupervised with my children when they are given craft assignments)

is up and running, I've stuck to small things so I can have shrimp and plants without too much drama. I still have to go get my CO2 tank before I put more plants in there. Anyone else have trouble with neon tetras having a low survival rate the first couple weeks after introduction? Nothing else is having any difficulty, and I can't find any sign of anything wrong with the few casualties...

Just got my 20 gallon high aquarium set up, some plants and first inhabitants introduced (4 week process), and I caught myself examining the power requirements of the lights and heater and matching it to various hardware I can attach to my ESP32 or an Armbian distro powered SBC.

It's a sickness, and I embrace it.

3 weeks later, my wife is back home and is regaining her ability to walk, bend, and most importantly (and most slowly) feel from the neck down. Getting tumors removed from inside the spinal cord qualifies as a massively traumatic experience.

Literally got my internet back last night. Only two options in my area, need more competition to help light a fire under these service departments

Just over a day left on my crowd supply campaign,

The update is stuck in limbo, but by shifting some of the process to my shop (just the ESP32-WROVER-B) I can *significantly* reduce my on-hand inventory costs, so the project is funded pending the update by Crowd Supply. Snag one, they're a lot of fun for hacking, IDE supported, music playing, and I have a hat that supports VGA and PS/2 interfaces using

My DSL was out for 2 days, ATT u-verse tech support is useless, they went from "nothing is wrong" to "We'll have to send someone into your house". I hung up and started researching alternatives when my internet started working again magically.

Just a pretty picture of my board with some RPi hats on it. All the lights made it too shiny to avoid picture taking

Please note this is an untested design so far, I have PCB's in Fab as we speak, but please submit issue reports if you find anything rather than freaking out. 🙂

Campaign for Obsidian underway on Crowdsupply, I put together a hat to support :

FabGL is a VGA and PS/2 library for ESP32 with examples ranging from a terminal application to a full GUI (think win 3.x)

As will be typical of my work, the board design files are licensed under the CERN OHL.

My campaign is live for the Obsidian , it's the form factor clone running an ESP32 I mentioned a while back.

I've made very quick demos running various hats from and IDE, I'll post some of those later.

Just set up my first SBC in my shed/workshop (15'x14', it falls between the two). Ethernet over power line and it's ready to go.

Used 32" TV soon to be mounted to the wall for a monitor, should be awesome

I've got an Odroid N2 coming in the mail and just received a NanoPi Duo 2, it's Armbian time.

I don't know what it is about blinking lights that is so awesome, but I got the onboard SN3218 to play nice with my board, so verified my I2C and poor skills all at once. For anyone who hasn't tried it, micropython is highly recommended.

I will be raising funds to make a production run of my Rpi-form-factor board via CrowdSupply. The design will be released under CERN OHL 1.2 as soon as I have it stabilized and funded for a run.

Playing with that uncovered a floating ground pad that was masked by shared supply grounds, so that's good

I've made a hardware description file for my board and Ka-Radio32, a nice internet radio setup for ESP32, and honestly the OLED makes me as happy as anything else has...

Now I have to keep from distracting myself and making a radio hat until after I get this one launched/released.

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