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@yisraeldov Nope. Reference implementation of JDK is OpenJDK which is free(ish) software (and most certainly open-source).

The problem is Oracle JDK will get free support for 6 months each release, and to get longer support you need to pay.

Of course nothing stops Red Had and friends to maintain and support open source fork --- whether you'll get the same kind of support contract its another pair of shoes.

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So some one please correct me if I'm wrong. The JVM is closed source and proprietary? That means that they can decide to require a paid licence anytime they chose ?

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Anonym kommunizieren trotz Ausweispflicht:
#PIRATEN stellen vorregistrierte Prepaid-SIM-Karten zur Verfügung!
"„Wir kämpfen für das Recht auf Anonymität, da nur so eine freie, unbefangene Kommunikation möglich ist.“ (Dr. #PatrickBreyer)…
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Richard Hughes has been tirelessly working on fwupd and the Linux Vendor Firmware Service (LVFS) to greatly improve firmware updating on Linux! He is asking for 5 minutes of your time to help with this effort. Please consider his request, if you are able

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I have to give a presentation at my school tomorrow about a technical topic that interests me. I've chosen Mastodon, and I'm planning to show this toot to everybody at the end. Share some Mastodon love below!

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twitter, nazis, Mastodon discourse 

xkcd’s take on free speech can’t be posted often enough, especially with regards to the hordes of man children, nazis and bigots on borblesite demanding for their instances to be “recognized” or listed officially..

Guess what? It’s not going to happen, because the community is showing you the virtual door.. 👋🖕

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That moment when you realize that prod builds of your application are broken due to a transient dependency, and as long as you have a carefully set up `yarn.lock`, things work. But as soon as you try to regenerate it, all hell breaks loose.

I'm not sure I have the spoons for this today, so I'm going to commit the carefully set up `yarn.lock` and worry about the reproducibility sometime later.

The #JavaScript ecosystem is... weird.


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Found out about shellcheck very recently. Handy CLI helper to analyze your (ba)sh scripts.

It's pretty awesome!

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Hi all, going to do a live coding stream soon making an OSS #PHP project in #emacs using #gitlab ci and #docker.

Can some one give a quick crash course on the differences between OSS licences? #GPL vs #AGPL vs #GPL3 vs #MIT vs #Apache.


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Disclaimer: I know we have some of the harshest systemd critics over here. If that sounds like you, then you may want to ignore this post and skip to the next one 😆

Still reading and using systemd? Great! To help you generate new services and monitor your system's logs & units, I created two little tools you may find helpful!

Check out service-tools over on GitHub:

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:reddit: In /r/emacs... :

org-mode copy source block button.
Is there any way (without writing non-trivial elisp) to attach a `copy` button to an org-mode source block exported in html? Something to make it easier to copy source code blocks from html pages generated with org-mode.

submitted by /u/sweetyhoneybee ( )
[link] (…

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School canceled due to weather conditions.

Forecast : scattered rocket showers. ☔ 🚀

Again, the biggest problem is that some how this feels normal. Kids not going to school because someone is shooting rockets indiscriminately should not feel normal.

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Warning: If you don't schedule time for maintenance, your equipment will schedule it for you.

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So... how many of you still know what these objects are? Have you ever used them? 😂

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Mate, if you want me to write code for you, I'm happy to charge you for only my time and release the code to all under a license. You get my effort, you get the code written to your specifications, you get to use it before anyone else even knows that it exists. That's a good deal!

Keep the code proprietary so that I can't use it elsewhere in my career? That's antisocial, and it costs a *lot* extra.

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Personal reminder: #orgmode is very flexible in its date/time prompt. Some not so well known examples: 👍

22 sept 0:34 ⇒ 2019-09-22 00:34

2012 w4 fri ⇒ Friday of ISO week 4 in 2012

11am+2:15 ⇒ 11:00-13:15
#PIM #Emacs

Thanks to I just released repl-toggle-0.6.1 -- an package to associate major-modes with repl-commands and switch to the repl with the same key-bindings everywhere. will pick it up soon.

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(The answer to "what is a distro really providing" is probably "work through a Linux From Scratch install, and then you'll see" but I'm hoping to discover the answer to my question in a less … educational … way)

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