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Feeling very seen.
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Shoutout to sysadmins from the late 90s - before Stack Overflow - when your day was like:

Read man pages and software docs

Figure out why Apache (permissions)

Negotiate with hackers

Figure out why Bind (increment serial)

Answer webmaster@

Learn the hard way to make backups

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Cute Easter egg in the new subway train in Stockholm

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is a processor.

yq is a command line program that takes in YAML data and runs an expression against it, like . yq programs can be made up of many operators, including simple accessors, assignment operators, arithmetic, sorting, recursive globbing, and more. yq can also process , as it is a subset of YAML.

Website 🔗️:

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So Veritasium made a video about self driving cars -

I just wanna let you know that there's a lot of valid criticisms for this video -

Its disappointing coming from a channel like veritasium. He has made a lot of good videos and I've shared some of those here in the past.

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Putting a spotlight on albums of my bandcamp collection that seem to be under appreciated. No 1 is KALOs first release Flesh & Bones. Give it a listen, see if you like it.

countdown #79

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Trying to get away from using Google too much? I use this to sync my Fastmail Calendar and contacts. Works great
Check out "DAVx⁵ – CalDAV & CardDAV Sync client"

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After a year of learning gamedev, my first commercial game is now available on Steam and for Linux and Windows!

Buy on Steam -

Buy on -

a short game set in southwestern america, my brother lives in a canyon is about two brothers reminiscing over short-wave radios.

This game is also open-source and was entirely developed on Void Linux!

Made with:

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Fork Awesome is a Libre font project which has hundreds of useful icons that anyone can use. You can follow at:

➡️ @forkawesome

The project's website is at

(As its name suggests, it's a fork of the original Font Awesome project. Unlike Font Awesome, Fork Awesome does not require javascript.)

#ForkAwesome #FontAwesome #Font #Fonts #CSS #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #Computing #WebDesign #WebDev #WebDevelopment #Productivity #SelfHosting #Dev

First Day of vacation, my own Manhatten Recipe no. 1 (WIP)

2 Parts Bulleit Rye,
1 Part each Tio Pepe dry white sherry and
Italian sweet red vermouth,
one dash Orange Bitters,
one dash Absinthe,
two dashes Cocktail Bitters - stirred on ice, lime-zest garnish
Not bad, not completely there yet

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Today the public of the Netherlands has their chance to say their farewells to crime reporter Peter R. de Vries, who was shot almost 2 weeks ago and passed away last week from his injuries.

Because I'm not in Amsterdam today I wanted say my farewell in the public space of the Fediverse: Peter, you have helped so many for so long; I hope people will help your family now and hope others will stand up, and take you as an example of how to be a good person. Farewell Peter!

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Hmm, think about living in Switzerland, the flag is a big plus :blobcatthink: :blobcatthinkingsmirk:

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"Learning to program has no more to do with designing interactive software than learning to touch type has to do with writing poetry"

-- Ted Nelson

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Shameless repost of me telling thah I love this cover version, I still do, now while Europeans are awake :)

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Using master branch of XeTeX, and with many syntax error fixes to xetex.web (ok tbh, it didn't take that long), then

$ weave xetex.web && sed '1s/webmac/xewebmac/' -i xetex.tex && xetex xetex.tex

Will probably be uploading that file somewhere so others don't have to go through this.

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