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I'm in a "that's why it's called work" phase at work, and that's fine in principle -- but I sure like that start-uppy feel to come back sometime...
The product is maturing, so it's maintenance and bug-hunts...

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Statement of FSF board on election of Richard Stallman (RMS):

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I find it ridiculous how all Facebook can say about this data leak is that "The data is from 2019, and we patched the vulnerability back in 2019." That doesn't change the fact that the data is out there, and it sure as heck doesn't mean they can just sweep it under the rug.

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So, in January I started using a YubiKey for my PGP needs. I made a new PGP key for it and signed it with my old one (to show that I "acknowledge" my new key)

On April 2nd my old key expired. I didn't care as I don't use it any more. However, Thunderbird didn't allow me to send an email, because my new key was signed with an expired key. So, I had to prolong it before doing so.

Is it a Thunderbird bug or a PGP feature? What is the correct way of dealing with expired keys' signatures?

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Should I abandon in favor of running my own server, or is there another option entirely I'm not considering?

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Best FOSS Project Management software, preferably self-hosted... ready, go!

I needed to alter data -- to the rescue

Part of my blog it, so you can forget it series...

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@kev I will not sign it,
because it feels too much like

Also, I understand and sympathize
with the main reason.
I also think,
that RMS is a bad representative.

I know, I know,
the end justifies the means,
but unfortunately I'm old school.

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@kev I might, if it presented a view closer to the one you’ve pointed out here and on your blog; that RMS should step aside to make room for newer/modern ideas.

I can’t really get behind that letter because it feels more like a witch hunt than a genuine request for improvement. It’s not asking for improvements, it’s just asking for “anything but that”.

RMS has some...questionable views at best. I don’t think the way he’s expressed those views justifies signing a letter like this though.

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I know that dark themes are all the rage right now, but programs really should have a light theme as well, especially when you try using them in bright sun light......

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@penguwin just managed to make me feel *incredibly* old.

We were talking about computing history, and I realized that he never used DOS or floppy disks in his life. When he was born, these things simply weren't a thing anymore.

Like 👴 talking to a 👶!

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So, uhm, Microsoft wants to buy Discord for $10 Billion.

Just comes to show how much your data is worth to Surveillance Capitalists.

Hmm in round one of allmost all my languages lost, but my picks won all round two matches as of now -- weird. I guess the pairing is most important here.

@kev discovered simplecss just recently; As my site was very minimal already, switching to it was almost no work at all - really nice - thanks!

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People who complain about #git are spoiled! Have you ever done a merge with #svn? Have you ever tried to tack multiple versions with #cvs? I have you ever wanted to work on a file when someone else had it checked out from source safe?

Git is a pleasure to work with, and anyone who thinks otherwise is just being sophomoric!

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> <> Doesn't that (#emacs) contradict the unix philosophy?

That would be like saying that Bash contradicts the Unix philosophy. Emacs does one thing well, interpret emacs lisp.

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Hi guys! A friend of mine asked if it is feasible in 2021 to use laptops running Linux in ISO27001 (and 27002) certified companies.
In theory, it is possible, but in practice, I'm a bit lost; they need monitoring tools, device management, possibly centralized policy enforcing, but I'm curious about the best solution for Desktop, i.e. to make a remote wipe of a device, enforce policies that block USB ports, provision software, control access etc. etc
Looking for advice 😃

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