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Toying a bit with . Is there a trusted/uncomplicated way to get ( crypto currency)? It's all a bit much for me, can't see the wood for the trees there.

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Announcing our first !

Hyperfine -

A super-accurate benchmarking tool with colorized terminal output. It supports warmup commands (with the `--prepare` flag), optional JSON output, and parametrized benchmarks (i.e., benchmarks where you programmatically vary one parameter)

The blog had a nice writeup, if you'd like more details:

Congrats to hyperfine on being a great app!

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🐘+🦀+🕸 php-ext-wasm

The circle is complete:

• Module ✅
• Instance ✅
• Invoke functions ✅
• Array buffer and Typed arrays ✅
• Read and write the instance memory array buffer through typed arrays✅

Next: Restore function imports.

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I am—*sigh*—adding to the ever-growing pile of chat apps I use to communicate with various FOSS projects (along with Gitter, Slack, Keybase, IRC, etc).

Like all the other, non-IRC apps, the desktop version seems to be an app that runs appallingly on my linux system. Any tips for making it better? Stick with the web app? Find an IRC bridge? (any decent ones out there?) Use a mobile app?

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I can't belive I haven't heard about #keybase until now. I want to make a video about it. If anyone can help me out and contact me on keybase it would help.

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Coming soon to a instance near you - stickers!!

HUGE thanks to @ohyran for putting his AMAZING skills to work and coming up with this design.

More to come soon so watch this space...

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Hello, world!

This is the official fediverse account for the /#rustlang CLI Working Group.

Follow us to learn more about building CLIs with , keep track of the different CLI crates (including `clap`, `assert_fs`, `man`, and many more!), and hear about all the other cool stuff we do.

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Thinking about it, to make any blog that publishes an RSS feed into an ActivityPub followable account, you just need to use an RSS to ActivityPub server to scrape the RSS feed when a new post goes up, and that account becomes the Websites “Comments” Fediverse account. Thinking more about it, why doesn’t Mastodon or Pleroma support creating an account that does that out of the box, flag it as an RSS account or some such? It’s trivial to implement the RSS scraping and the hard work has already been done in Pleroma/Mastodon already. Just a thought.
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@climagic If you want a more precise method, do `<space><space>vi ~/.zsh_history` (or .bash_history if you use bash), delete the offending line, write the file, quit the shell, and restart.

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:reddit: In /r/emacs... :

Post on r/vim critiquing the Language Server Protocol (LSP), by an LSP client maintainer. Would be interested in any thoughts the devs of lsp-mode and/or eglot might have on this.
submitted by /u/flexibeast ( )
[link] ( ) [comments] ( …

Dear lazy web,

Is there a way to show <IMG>-tags in markdown-cells in inline?
I cannot find anything...

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My sons college is forcing students to use proprietary Adobe products like Illustrator and Photoshop and this really pisses me off. Any school should offer their students the possibility to use free and open source software and with , , and there are excellent alternatives available.

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What are some notable examples of successfully monetizing desktop free software?

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Learning by doing; I like / a lot more, but jupyter/ein as a combo for this workshop works like a charm; gotta love

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Yes, #Tusky 5.2 is crashing when you have polls in your notifications.
1. We are aware of the issue, a fix for the crash is already in the Tusky nightly. You can use it until Tusky 6 is released. Tusky 6 beta will start in about a week.
2. The polls feature is not even a in a Mastodon release candidate yet, maybe wait before running it in production?
3. No Mastodon does not coordinate such breaking changes with app devs.

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From birdsite 

The emacs magit docs are great

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