Thanks to I just released repl-toggle-0.6.1 -- an package to associate major-modes with repl-commands and switch to the repl with the same key-bindings everywhere. will pick it up soon.

Learning by doing; I like / a lot more, but jupyter/ein as a combo for this workshop works like a charm; gotta love

The whole open (and free) source infrastructure around Microsofts development-tools -- the, for me new, language-server microcosmos -- entering my workflow is thrilling. I have lingering doubts, remnants of the FUD days of yonder, but cannot see how MS could take the results of the adoption away from the FOSS community.

Check out lsp-mode, dap-mode and the servers available -- I use it for serverside js ( apps ) and PHP development

Hi all,

I'm a programmer/computer scientist; using free and open software since 1994 -- exclusively since about 2003, privately and at work.

I use for a lot of tasks -- the next step will be to configure -mastodon -- let's see, how that goes.

I'm using now, settling on -gaps after trying a lot of tiling email.

That's it for now; I'm hoping to integrate mastodon in my daily routine.


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