@yisraeldov don't hesitate to ask for details, if you test the packages and have questions. Cheers

@tomterl I started looking at lsp-mode, then I realised that #LanguageServerProtocol is #Microsoft ! 🤯 :windows:

Sorry the FUD 😨 :doomguy: is so ingrained in my being that it will be hard to take it seriously. I'm using ac-php and other packages, I did a video showing how I set it up and it is on my gitlab :gitlab: .

@yisraeldov yeah, I fully understand that -- the way Microsoft behaved itself in the 90s (FUD and 'embrace and extend') is hard to forego/forgett-- but all the servers I use are FOSS, it's "just" the infrastructure-defi Orion's (the protocol) is by MS.

@tomterl I may take another look. But from what I saw lsp-mode uses company, I use auto-complete. And helm, where I use Ivy.

Does it do any refactoring?

@yisraeldov ac-php is really good -- I used that for PHP and tern for js; I like the unifiing aspect of lsp-mode -- almost every language I have to and like to use is somewhat represented with similar behavior and UI ; but I used company before I and neither helm nor ivy; refactoring is not integrated as far as I can tell;

@yisraeldov and I don't recommend it over a working setup with not directly supported infrastructure; unless there's time to fork the config and experiment

@tomterl It would be nice to have things simplified, I'm using 4 different flycheck-checkers and the ac-php for completion, and some other custom functions for refactoring.

Right now most of my work is in php so I can make due with what I have.

I need to go do a live stream soon... getting some actual work done.

@yisraeldov wrt/ refactoring PHP, I'll probably try to use the refactoring part of phpactor -- I don't have the time ATM, and I fear it's completion side will interfere with the rest of my setup. I'll post here if I find out something useful

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