Still not sure how to leverage the strength of mastodon -- or what they really are...

@tomterl rather that looking for Mastodon’s strengths, I’d consider a change of approach - what do you want to get out of being on Mastodon?

If Mastodon can’t fulfil your requirements, then it might not be for you.

@kev That's the plan - I didn't mean my statement negatively; but I see how it can be read that way now.

@kev to be even more constructive, than showing people the door, why don't link to his article (of you'rs?!) in your reply to the next non-native-english writer beeing overwhelmed by mastodons overflowing wealth of UI and distinctive timelines

Thanks for this instance, should be right up my alley - trying to get settled little by little

@tomterl my intention was not to “show you the door” but rather to get you thinking as to why you want to be here.

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