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A lot of cool things you can do w/ homomorphic encryption. I tried out Google's new transpiler to build a tiny program which took over an hour to compile but worked in the end. Performance is one area that needs more work. (Image is of partial homo crypto)

Remember those modem AT commands? Your Android acts like a modem (it's literally a modem connecting to a cell tower) over the USB port and you can send AT messages to configure/hack a phone. Perhaps a tower could even access your phone remotely as each device implements AT often in some undocumented ways.

Certain wifi chipsets (e.g. Intel, Atheros) can be used to bounce signals off human chests to detect breathing frequency, know if you're lying down, or even measure your heart rate.

Technology - is it better for democracy or autocracy, both or neither?

Nuts cause migraines. Nuts (cashews but also peanuts) contain tyramine, also found in preserved/old meats, & when consumed in large quantities can cause headaches in some people. A good reason to toss day(s) old food.

Quantum oracles are a real thing. Sometimes I do think we're living in science fiction written in Dirac notation.

OpenInsulin is creating an open-source (freely available) model for insulin production that centers on sustainable, small-scale manufacturing and open-source alternatives to production.

In the US, insulin costs $300 per vial, while it's a fraction of that in other countries.

Wow. Nearly a 1/4 of adults (American, maybe others are less crippled) have arthritis making it the leading reason for disability which results in over $300 billion of lost income. Fix arthritis and Americans would gain trillions of dollars over time.

Lumen is like the anti-Google. It finds all the results that people don't want you to see, removed from Google. For example, someone really doesn't want you to watch Scientology documentaries (other religions/sects don't do this).

When your elected government representative asks: "Can we fix the moon’s orbit to fight climate change?" 🤣

Can anyone in the Fediverse recommend some Creative Commons licensed comics?

Software can be "social", by depending on some other software and being a dependency by yet others.

Is this one way to measure the value of a piece of software, how much others depend on it? If so, in 2019 npm-space the most valuable packages were lodash, chalk, request, commander, and react:

June is also Alzheimer's & Brain Awareness Month (in the US). Know someone who is affected?

Worldwide, 50 million people are living with Alzheimer's and other dementias.

How can we get our governments to use more open source software?

How can we get more state-sponsored code to be licensed as free software?

It only costs ~$3.5k to buy 0.1 petabyte of storage. That's the price of a MacBook. Crazy to think how many consumers are already petaphiles today.

Fig is a fancy autocomplete for iTerm, the macOS terminal. Doesn't work with any other terminal or OS. While it looks nice, I'm surprised they "raised several million dollars from amazing VCs" for this.

Where dies B&M Gates Foundation money go? Mostly to cure diseases. I'm not seeing any pattern of problems but you can view grants/amounts for yourself:

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