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How many of y'all can work remotely full time? Barbados is offering a 12 month visa to people who just wanna come there to chill and work remote.

Real world returns are ~leptokurtic 

I.e. "fat tails", implying many more extreme events happen than a Gaussian distribution predicts.

Imagine a programming language where capitalization was syntactic.

Maybe everything is lowercase except the first letter of every statement.

Can someone invent a way to drill into walls without making the whole neighborhood vibrate?

LBRY may be another decentralized YouTube alternative, but it just can't seem to attract quality (non-conspiracy) content. Maybe federation can solve this.

TIL CUPS, the print queue server came from Apple and enables a web server by default (port 631) on a lot of systems. Is this really a good idea?

What would you do if the anti-democratic government shut down or restricted in your city, perhaps to hide video of riot police beating protestors? This just happened in Belarus.

Commodore 64: The Ultimate Tape Archive supported by Internet Archive. Most complete set of C64 tapes, free, and can be played in an emulator!

WireGuard, I will get to you one day but not today. Setting up a new OpenVPN server and it still works (after remembering to IP masquerade), and has the right features, even if theoretical performance is worse than WG.

Whenever a search result goes to, I skip it.

Notepad++ the editor is now banned in China.

I have rarely strayed from in many years but banning it just makes me want to try now.

RNGs enable (and ). The decentralized randomness beacon you didn't know you needed & the League of Entropy:

Day 12 of... eh, who's counting?

If all we wanted was FANG, there is no need to design the Internet the way it is laid out.

GitHub recently placed a bunch of important repos on ice, joining Internet Archive et al. Piql is the company who can archive your data (in a mine, next to many country's seed vaults) when M-DISCs and LTOs aren't enough.

is tough. Here's my 11th:

He who controls the warez, controls the world. blew up the Internet calling Apple a dystopian software monopoly. How centralized are mobile OS platforms? Is there an alternative (yes, F-Droid):

Day 10

Do birds have butts? The answer is yes + that they breathe through their butts.

Internet is slow and super expensive in Cuba. But Havana has a private wired and wireless connecting 1000s of gamers to play WoW, trade networking gear on a homemade Craigslist, and chat.

It's called SNET:

When installing the right version of the language is harder than building the software which is harder than using the software, you know you're using .

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