lex - the lexical analyzer of lex & yacc fame - was written by Eric Schmidt, the ex-CEO of Google. That's a wild trajectory.

@AdamBlackwater Is it? I should try just that feature out. I'm hoping they can add support for more languages (all major ones).

I want a program that, given a block of code, comes up with an appropriate function name for it

@TheBatRider consider all the people who install a new Linux distro just because. Somebody will want to!

When Twitter open sources their algorithms we can finally apply them here

@danirod Yeah, looks like it's finally possible to run OpenBSD as both host and guest, but options seem limited as the host. I'm not sure they will work the same though.

@techpreacher @benjaminhollon Maybe choose one you think has critical mass to sustain itself, without being monolithic and generic (nothing binding the community).

Other people treat this more ephemerally and move their profile from instance to instance, or otherwise regularly delete their toots.

It's good to see the new users on this instance (thanks Elon!) but I imagine it's a flood on the big, centralized instances.

AI in NK?

Much is known about North Korea's cyber capabilities, including DeFi hacks.

But NK also has a state-sponsored (as if there was an alternative) AI program. Presumably its devs have the same open Internet access as its APTs. But how about GPU/compute for training - when they could use those GPUs for cryptomining for immediate returns?

The government of Russia is appointing a company to
Russia is to have a government-appointed (Android) Play Store, instead of Google and alternatives.

The reason given is those stores "may soon not allow you to download applications."

The currently most downloaded mobile apps in Russia are all VPNs.


@deeznuts @autkin "just like" = "what about". A way to deflect criticism of real problems.

Do countries that block GitHub not think that developers will not be smart enough to find ways to route around the damage and also apply the same technique to future blocked sites?

@Toxa Some things are inherently hard to distract from. I would recommend learning meditation as a general skill.

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