What if man had invented/developed audio-based computing before visual (terminal console and later GUI)?

@werwolf @koreymoffett used to use lynx back in the day and then links and recently discovered w3m which is the best

MIT Technology Review lists Data Trusts as 1 of 10 breakthrough technologies of the year. Something like the fediverse where you could place personal information w/ a service and then permitted organizations/governments could access w/o potential for leaking data when inevitably hacked. technologyreview.com/2021/02/2

@drebe @XxAlexXx it would have been prohibitively expensive to publish the content on ethereum today anyway.

@XxAlexXx @drebe Minds is not very decentralized and not much good content. Hive is a bit more promising but still not great. The best content is free and federated here.

Scientists have achieved 2-way communications with people while asleep and dreaming. Can you imagine programming your phone to remind you to do stuff while dreaming? npr.org/2021/02/27/971958260/s

@LinuxLounge netbooks were relatively small during their time but now we have assorted ultrabooks which are super thin and light, but not cheap like a netbook. My chromebook is lighter than my last netbook and cost about the same. So I guess that niche has been filled.

@kqzx hopefully you don't have the same inclination next time you want to post cat photos

@LinuxLounge chromebooks are the spiritual successor to netbooks and way better. Cheap, low power, and versatile. Not enough people take them seriously.

@pabrobet nice, at least it was fun then. Did you connect to a pool? Did you at least get some rewards? I just saw that someone profitably mined ether using the new M1 MacBook.

@hund Yeah, I think something is wrong. But just lightly brushing this one around my teeth doesn't do a good job. I think other kinds have rotating heads which might work better.

@edgren I mean the way I understood it, you load a url with some parameters and it returns a very stripped down page with a temperature... It sounds the same as an api. Maybe I'm misunderstanding.

@shaen my advice is to focus on the things which you can change. (For example, you can't change the economic or monetary system of your country.) Realize you'll need some money and make sure you're getting some first.

@pabrobet You could also just buy some with cash, letting someone with more efficient hardware and cheaper electricity do the mining for you. Global trade!

What good is an electrified vibrating toothbrush if you still need a regular toothbrush to feel clean?

@ernie just bear in mind that Elementary also gravely lacks support (it's a small project without many devs and problems often cannot be resolved by the small community). If you need help fixing issues, since this is Linux, I recommend checking out Ubuntu-based stuff.

@tallblondeguy @themactep Throw out all false distros and bow down before the one True Linux

@themactep I'm just trying to be less wrong. Stop trying to speak for Linux.

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