`tput rmam` (removes auto-margin in terminal) is a nice solution for taming those massive single-line min.js files while grepping.

Sadly, tmux doesn't support automatic margins.

Am I missing something about or does the browser consider every IPFS-hosted website the same domain for cookies?

Programming language written in ancient/classical Chinese which transpiles to JavaScript/Python/Ruby (has vim plugins) ide.wy-lang.org/

@illaroma @jef Agreed. I don't think you can become fluent with Duolingo.

@wizzwizz4 @mgiagante From what I'm seeing, demand for solidity devs far outstrips supply right now. Not country-specific. Lots of remote work if you're experienced (I'm not).

Got Cloudflare'd trying to visit my state's website for overseas voters. Because Cloudflare detected my IP as overseas.

@jk That's an interesting thought. Japanese consumer robots from a decade ago are quite different from Boston Dynamics.

But why won't Apple just make a single design choice that every consumer has a copy of?

@Shitlord Haha. I'm fairly skeptical that they will actually become the superpower but for the sake of this thought experiment, some organization needs to be both competent and willing to use "evil" force.

Thought experiment: Suppose it's destined that China becomes the global hegemonic superpower & also develops an all-knowing panopticon which can retroactively distinguish persons (not Chinese) who helped her rise and those who actively sought to hinder it. The former received rewards, the latter were executed. Now we all know how China will act one day. What's the right thing for us to do today?

@wholesomedonut @greypilgrim Yeah, those reservations hold for any software/game. I guess they can only steal SOULs though, not real money.

@greypilgrim It says the game uses Litecoin (a little-used fork of Bitcoin).

There are better ways to learn about things like medicine, finance than through direct experience. Learn from other people's stupid miscalculations.

@wizzwizz4 @blueberry I think this strings many assumptions: 2) that your network uses the dhcp server to assign hostname 3) the hostnames aren't FQDN 4) then there is also a DNS server you're configured to use which resolves com.home...

What's the prize again?

This is a story about installing Linux on a hard drive. But not the trivial way you're imagining. It involves connecting to serial ports on the drive's controller. And ends with a rootkit that wiping and reinstalling the OS won't fix.


@wizzwizz4 @blueberry Hmm, this is not how I understood things to work! You used to be any to set "search" in your resolver (not sure how systemd works) and any name lookup w/o final dot would be tried with the search postfix. But setting your hostname to com wouldn't affect anybody else, and dhcp servers wouldn't care what if you set your name to com.

@blueberry Yeah. I often wonder if extensions are messing things up.

@blueberry I have been to cities around here (proper cities) without traffic lights. A lot of roundabouts of all kinds.

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