Turns out .md could be a markdown file but also could be a Moldovan domain name. Someone should run an online markdown wysiwyg editor at editor.md!

@thor I post a response to your query, I don't post just to support your view

@thor I think it made the point without jumping into other points

@thor as usual, hate is directed at the most visible part of the problem (your landlord)

@thewk yeah, it's indeed robbing the poor to feed the (politically connected) rich. I feel like there was even a Simpsons episode on this.

@Zambyte @FactCore this is the one and only correct way to handle tabs, fight me

@thewk also sickening, not only do they not donate game day ticket sales to more worthy causes but the citizens of many US cities have to pay more taxes to borrow money to build stadiums for private sports clubs to use and monetize. American football is socialism, I say.

@alexbuzzbee does it have to be inside and connected to the motherboard? Otherwise, USB floppy?

@thewk make third world development projects entertaining to watch and the ad dollars will follow the eyeballs? 🤔

Also, can we turn programming into a spectator sport?

Maybe just IMO, but I feel many more people would use and thus help the ipfs network if it were possible to run some sort of node purely in the browser (not as a front end for a node.js node).

@blueberry the thing about inheritance vs income or cap gains, nobody works hard to earn an inheritance, so taxing that doesn't discourage people from contributing to society.

@mdhughes lol, thousands of servers having to reboot multiple times, like human waves in a stadium

Major outage on GitHub now. I know we hate them here on the , so which one of you did this!

@hugh haha, no doubt, that is certainly the challenge designing for mobile screens. But it sucks for people who depend on mobile, power users, to not have the option to do things.

So far I'm seeing English-only toots now. @avndp

@LilyVers It was popular in Japan but not sure it took off in any other country (didn't see it much in the US). I think for various reasons.

@hugh Thanks! It looks like it's invisible on the mobile web layout but I see it on desktop now. This will be amazing!


covid rel 

@soft I have this high tech 2-piece mask with a harder rubbery outer layer and an insert filter (also multi-layered) that snaps on inside. Insert can be replaced and both parts washed independently.

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