"Elsevier and the USDOJ have declared war against Sci-Hub and open science."

Help preserve access to millions of scientific articles by seeding them before they get taken down. reddit.com/r/DataHoarder/comme

Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin sent 49 trillion Akita Inu tokens (AKITA) worth approximately $5mm at the time of this posting to the Gitcoin Community’s multisig wallet. This wallet is used to offer matching funds for Gitcoin Grants rounds. gitcoin.co/blog/announcement-g

@XxAlexXx Never heard of POApplicant. Or are you proposing it as a future standard which schools/employers should accept?

Just learned about the University of the People (UoPeople), a nearly free online college accredited in the US w/ B&M Gates Foundation funds. They offer BAs in Computer Science, Health Studies, and Business Administration, as well as an MBA.

Why take on 6-figure debt for education anymore?

@jrballesteros05 Heck, Windows might protect users against hackers better than Linux desktop today.

Even open source vulnerabilities can exist for years before getting fixed.

@xpil A guy from my high school lost a game once. He didn't play anymore after.

Why is running Linhx more secure than Windows? I stumbled upon some convincing arguments:
1. Most virus files are .exes which Linux can't run.
2. Linux has 2 passwords, Administrators and Roots.
3. Windows has more kernels so it's more dangerous.

@billy writing code and browsing the web is a majority of what I'm doing on a desktop so linux is still a good choice. Questionable for other workflows though!


@starbreaker Indeed. I ran OpenBSD as daily driver many years ago and it probably had even less software than today (I made some ports contributions). Fortunately, I can do a lot with web apps instead of unsupported native ones.


@starbreaker Me neither (as in, nobody pays me at all for any concern).

But since I run linux as I suspect many on this instance do... it is worth considering a world with less available software.


@starbreaker What would replace all the web apps? Windows-only apps, sometimes with a Mac version?

One day MacBooks will have PgUp/PgDn above the left/right arrow keys. And Apple will act like they invented the keyboard.

@claudiom Totally feel the same about putting people on pedestals. Let people's words and works speak for themselves. Especially since we're mostly contributing voluntarily.

@claudiom if folks think rms is an asshole, they're gonna love theo 😅

Maybe time to consider the daemon-worshipping BSD folks (and their alternative free software license).

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