Why is running Linhx more secure than Windows? I stumbled upon some convincing arguments:
1. Most virus files are .exes which Linux can't run.
2. Linux has 2 passwords, Administrators and Roots.
3. Windows has more kernels so it's more dangerous.

"I have been running a full IBM System/370 Mainframe on a $20 Raspberry Pi Zero for ~5 months."

Here it is running DOGECICS, a banking app for transferring dogecoin written in Cobol.

AT&T donated the source code of UNIX V6 but wrote it off as industrial waste, which became 1BSD which begat 4.3, which begat NetBSD which begat OpenBSD... All of today's BSDs result from industrial sludge

Disk storage price over time (decreasing like Moore's Law). But what about the next decade? jcmit.net/disk2015.htm

Pet peeve: websites which show code and when you copy them it turns out the normal quotes were converted into LEFT & RIGHT DOUBLE QUOTATION MARKs

SpaceX rockets use 3 "voting computers" that constantly check each other. A real life MAGI system.

Not an April Fools joke 

Whew, at least we don't have to worry about the worst stock performance ever anymore and can begin looking forward to things like most preventable loss of human lives

using Tmux as my window manager, connected to a remote server and running browsh in Docker. browsh is a graphical browser (Firefox) rendered to text (ANSi!). Bitcoin $10k in a KDE Plasma widget though!

showing Kubuntu on an XPS 15 reviving tmux and Firefox on Desktop 1 after boot (because it crashes a lot). No tiling manager but hotkeys to put windows into quarters.


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