Add "Tiananmen square" to your LinkedIn profile and they will hide you from everyone in China. I assume other interesting subjects of history would also work. Do with this information what you will.

From Kevin Beaumont:

DNA is tiny. How can we actually detect a piece of code at macroscopic scale? Multiply the DNA by billions!

That's PCR and it's how we can detect viruses/bacteria, disease, know if food is deadly.

OpenPCR is a GPL'd soft/hardware design for low cost (medical) diagnostics everywhere.

Teach computer science to kids - without a computer.

CS Unplugged uses cards, string, crayons, and printable activities to teach "computer" science concepts without the PC.

Note: CS != Programming.

A lot of cool things you can do w/ homomorphic encryption. I tried out Google's new transpiler to build a tiny program which took over an hour to compile but worked in the end. Performance is one area that needs more work. (Image is of partial homo crypto)

Certain wifi chipsets (e.g. Intel, Atheros) can be used to bounce signals off human chests to detect breathing frequency, know if you're lying down, or even measure your heart rate.

Where dies B&M Gates Foundation money go? Mostly to cure diseases. I'm not seeing any pattern of problems but you can view grants/amounts for yourself:

Why is running Linhx more secure than Windows? I stumbled upon some convincing arguments:
1. Most virus files are .exes which Linux can't run.
2. Linux has 2 passwords, Administrators and Roots.
3. Windows has more kernels so it's more dangerous.

"I have been running a full IBM System/370 Mainframe on a $20 Raspberry Pi Zero for ~5 months."

Here it is running DOGECICS, a banking app for transferring dogecoin written in Cobol.

AT&T donated the source code of UNIX V6 but wrote it off as industrial waste, which became 1BSD which begat 4.3, which begat NetBSD which begat OpenBSD... All of today's BSDs result from industrial sludge

Disk storage price over time (decreasing like Moore's Law). But what about the next decade?

Pet peeve: websites which show code and when you copy them it turns out the normal quotes were converted into LEFT & RIGHT DOUBLE QUOTATION MARKs

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