There is AI software that guesses variable names for you (in Javascript). This is not the killer AI we have been warned about.

@tomosaigon It is if you're a JS programmer whose only contribution is copy-pasting from StackUnderflow and renaming things. Now multiply that by every profession.

Dinosaurs were sure mammals could never take over, either.

@mdhughes I don't think dinosaurs were sure of anything or really gave mammals much collective thought.

But even if they were concerned about the mammals taking their jobs it wouldn't have changed anything so...

@tomosaigon The late ones were at least as intelligent as birds, maybe up to corvids. They might've been aware of their place in the world before it ended.

But yes, there's not much we can do about our self-inflicted meteor, either. Nobody's going to stop making better robots & AI until it's far too late.

@mdhughes There are so many ways things could end badly for us. Might as well focus on the ones that are more likely and which can be changed, I guess? I think there's a proverb about having the wisdom to know this.

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