Manually folding z with markers {{{}}} is awesome.
zf: create fold
zd: delete fold markers
zc: close
zo: open
zR: open (Reduce) all folds

@tomosaigon I don't know why, but I never managed to get into folding, it's just so much work opening and closing thing, and I always get lost when things is folded.


@sotolf I don't like automatic folding, but when dealing with large/long files (not necessarily code!) it helps to hide ignoreable sections. Combined with V to visualize a block, zf is really quick. So I recommend trying manual/marker folding, not auto/syntax.

@tomosaigon I don't like folding, I just scroll pages if there is something big I want to ignore, I get so disorientated when things are folded and then suddenly appear, I like my files to be like they are and not change around me :p

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