Facebook almost makes you give them your phone number & may claim it's needed for 2fa (which is not a secure 2fa as many SIM swap victims have realized). Your number is then used to sell and target ads.

@tomosaigon Ya they don't need your consent to get your phone number

@tomosaigon Contact tracing is there. So if you have a contact who uses facebook and they enabled contact permission AND you are in those contacts, boom. Facebook has yournumber

@XxAlexXx @tomosaigon only if you a) use the mobile app or b) actually entered your phone number in your profile info. (Incidentally, I entered 867-5309 when prompted 😏)

@mab @tomosaigon Just connect the name of your friends contact to the picture he put and wala, we got the person

@XxAlexXx @tomosaigon idk about you, but my profile pic (back when I used it) was a Muppet. But, yes I agree in general, people put way too much info on nefarious sites like social media and don't realize it.

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