Remember when Ritchie invented C so we didn't need to totally comprehend each new machine architecture to write code? Solidity and the EVM do not remember.

@tomosaigon Hmm, did you somehow forget about pascal and forth?

Thomas Wirth and Chuck Moore both did the same a couple of years before Ritchie

@sotolf Not really. Pascal, I used it decades ago but I recall it being slightly higher level and interpreted. I've only encountered Forth in interpreted environments where it's running on top of code (probably written in C).

C maps close enough to machine code yet is pretty portable. Thus we have a legacy of operating systems written in it and compiling for numerous different architectures.


@sotolf Perhaps forth doesn't get the respect it deserves and was maybe ignored by Ritchie who created C to make it possible to port UNIX to other architectures. Do you think forth would have been as good a choice for that?

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