Qubes OS, the only secure way to use a desktop. OpenBSD as a firewall or even basic web server has a great track record but as a desktop you still open yourself up to hackers in a way that Qubes mitigates. Any normal Linux distro is just playing with fire 🔥

And they just began accepting donations via privacy currency Monero :monero: at XMR address 46PrVgXBdD4cps3SVkHoCDZvMfFdG5q4ej5DYKpuKpTnjiL7pv6KGv7dPh4DPijCGqTbxLDPqZJkobd9SttMiauoP1CQU4y [verify yourself via Qubes Security Pack].

@tomosaigon How does Whonix compare? That's what I've been using for the past few days.


@vital876 You can actually run a Whonix VM in Qubes (but not the other way around). Or just configure networking to use Tor, but could route through Tor on a VM-by-VM basis.

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