Technology - is it better for democracy or autocracy, both or neither?

@tomosaigon Depends if the people know how to use it, right ?

Bad for democracy if people are ignorant about it, but good for autocracy in this case. And vice versa.

Also depends on the technology it self.

Is a knife better for cutting food, or for killing people?

@tomosaigon @rudolf Knowledge itself isn't bad. The way people use it makes it bad. Objects are neutral. It is the way in which people use it that makes it good or bad

@XxAlexXx @rudolf That can be true but at the same time any technology can tend to favor people or favor slave-masters instead.

@tomosaigon technology as it is right now makes democracy impossible

@tomosaigon Facebook, Google, Twitter, Amazon, Microsoft, etc can easily change how people think with their algorithms, they can manipulate them since they choose what people see and think

@werwolf Could newspapers do the same thing? Or how about me typing out random toots over Fosstodon?

@tomosaigon yeah newspaper used to play a similar role in the past, but algorithms have taken it a step further. It seems to be an Orwellian dystopia.

Mastodon isn't like that, since the posts are displayed in a chronological order and no one choose what you should see or what you shouldn't see. You can be affected by others posts, but that's part of the social interaction. The important fact is that you're shown everything and no only what others want you to see.

@werwolf Yeah. I use list in Twitter because it's exactly how Twitter used to be and how Mastodon still is. You see every tweet, chronologically. Also, no promoted tweets. Lists are how to tame Twitter.

@tomosaigon you'll still be under Twitter control since they tend to "shadowban" people, trends are manipulated, etc. But I guess that it's better than nothing

@werwolf True, I or someone I follow could be shadowbanned (but never experienced it myself) or actually banned. Twitter has to deal with mass scaling issues that so far don't affect us on Fosstodon.

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