I just bought two second hand Nexus 5x phones because I'm obsessed with them (I now have 4 😅).

Problem was one hadn't been reset. So I spent the morning learning about android "factory reset protection" grrr.

Boy did I feel like an epic hacker man when I eventually found a way to bypass it.


@MonkeyMatt I have a dead 5X and tried taking it to a few different repair shops but nobody could fix it. It wasn't a very popular phone here.

@tomosaigon it wasn't particularly popular here either but thankfully all mine are in working order (one has a majorly cracked screen though). I'm hoping to change the batteries myself but if anything beyond that goes wrong I can't imagine I'll be able to get it fixed (lucky I have a few backups haha)

@MonkeyMatt I believe the mainboard just suddenly died. I was a big fan of the 5 (non-X) and own several, kinda like you and 5X haha. All of those now have either broken screens or broken power buttons.

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