Fig is a fancy autocomplete for iTerm, the macOS terminal. Doesn't work with any other terminal or OS. While it looks nice, I'm surprised they "raised several million dollars from amazing VCs" for this.

@tomosaigon "What terminals does Fig work with?

Fig works with iTerm, the native MacOS Terminal app, Hyper and the integrated terminal in VSCode."

@mdhughes So it works for a few macOS terminals but only their macOS versions or something.

@tomosaigon Sure, it's using accessibility APIs which must be completely different on Linux or Windows, in cases where they even have equivalents.

There's plenty of cross-platform shell-based autosuggests, like for zsh, but this may do a lot more and in text programs, REPLs, etc.

@tomosaigon What is VC? What does this that doesn't Fish and plugins for zsh can't do?

@hund VC = venture capital.

I don't know the answer to your other questions. But I assume it has more display features by controlling the terminal than you can get with a shell plugin.

@tomosaigon Everything you do in a terminal is via the shell. :P

@hund Yeah, but the shell strictly only deals with text, right? While a terminal could do more than text. Like be a complete web browser. :D

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