Looked into "personal CRMs" and found one that's open source. Monica "helps you organize the social interactions with your loved ones." You can pay them $9/mo or host it yourself:

Note: It uses PHP.

@tomosaigon If you self host, and it never sees the light of day, then you could probably get away with something like this under the personal use clauses.

If you paid for the hosted option, I forsee a potential GDPR nightmare with something like this, as you'd technically be processing private data. Even identifiable data on children if you use it for tracking friends kids names.

Data protection is a bloody nightmare.

@gray Interesting point. But what if everyone is non-EU?

@tomosaigon came across this one a while ago:
Very opinionated for sure but might be worth giving a shot. Haven't tried it myself so can only leave the link here.

@ttntm Cool! From the screenshot I can't tell if it's more than just a giant spreadsheet but I'll play around. Thanks.

Just a warning it's maintained by one guy mostly
Tried it a few months back felt like it really need more people on the project

@wuwei Thanks for the warning. It can suck to be stuck with abandonware. Maybe it helps that there is a paid plan to support the developer.

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