Why is running Linhx more secure than Windows? I stumbled upon some convincing arguments:
1. Most virus files are .exes which Linux can't run.
2. Linux has 2 passwords, Administrators and Roots.
3. Windows has more kernels so it's more dangerous.

@tomosaigon That's would be true if we were talking about Windows XP. Now Windows can be as secure as Linux despite its surface of attack is bigger. I don't defend Windows, IMO is the biggest shit I have ever seen in my life because it's slow and updates are a pain in the arse. But they have improved the security in the same way Linux has improved their easiness.

Of course, Linux has an advantage that being open source vulnerabilities can be fixed faster.

@jrballesteros05 Heck, Windows might protect users against hackers better than Linux desktop today.

Even open source vulnerabilities can exist for years before getting fixed.

@tomosaigon If the vulnerability has severe or high priority I can bet in open source normally fix as quick as they can except if the project is died of course.

Microsoft does its best for have a decent security but then you find craps like the update system that makes people don't apply them. It's a pain in the arse to apply updates on Windows and I understand if people don't want to update.

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