Maybe time to consider the daemon-worshipping BSD folks (and their alternative free software license).

@tomosaigon How 'bout OpenBSD? We have fish and chips! 🐡 😄

@claudiom if folks think rms is an asshole, they're gonna love theo 😅

@tomosaigon I mean, you could have said the same thing about Linus (and some still do).

I'm not into the hero-worshiping thing, especially not in FOSS. I respect what they've done for FOSS, but as a person I can't really put them on a high pedestal, be they good or not.

BTW, I think Patrick Volkerding is great. I met him, too, and yes, I was rather starstruck at the time. Very down to earth fella. 👍

@claudiom Totally feel the same about putting people on pedestals. Let people's words and works speak for themselves. Especially since we're mostly contributing voluntarily.

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