I didn't know this was even a thing. Amiga UNIX.

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Shame CBM pass on a contract with SUN to rebrand them as SUN workstations

@tomosaigon Do you like install a bare core with floppies and then tar the rest from tape?

@clacke @tomosaigon

I had an Amiga 3000 UX. These were made for a government contract, I think only about 3000 were sold in the retail market.

It was a full licensed implementation of AT&T SysVr4 on 150 MB 8 track tape as I recall. Really very lovely and stable. But the graphics implementation didn't take advantage of the Amiga's custom chips so X was dog slow.

We ran a diku mud on it called Roma Mud. Did uucp, internet mail gateway, ftp. river.uucp, later

@tomosaigon That reminds me that I learned recently that, at the end, Atari tried briefly getting into the IBM-compatible market. I even used Atari at that time, and never heard about it.
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