Do you remember ever not having internet, but knowing people who did, and not getting it right away? Lots of other tech is like that now.

@tomosaigon I was an older child when I learned what the Internet was at my dad's office. And I taught myself how to bring it home! Free dial-up FTW. So I can't say I felt left out because I obtained it pretty soon after I learned about it.

@greypilgrim My experience not too different. My dad had some kind of dial up access to his company. Our PC happened to have a modem. I learned from the local library how to dial up and access gopher (and sometimes break out to a shell and irc).

@tomosaigon Ha. Yes, I did sorta similar at the library too. They had Internet computers that you could use for an hour. I eventually figured out that the library catalogue computers had to connect to other libraries somehow, so then I figured out how to break out of the catalogue application and browse the internet using a text browser, something like Lynx.

@greypilgrim haha good memories. I was such a Unix noob back then but some of my hacker friends already knew. Knowledge was harder to come by back then.

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