Thought experiment: Suppose it's destined that China becomes the global hegemonic superpower & also develops an all-knowing panopticon which can retroactively distinguish persons (not Chinese) who helped her rise and those who actively sought to hinder it. The former received rewards, the latter were executed. Now we all know how China will act one day. What's the right thing for us to do today?

@tomosaigon not as unlikely as it sounds. Build the wall. Cut all the business. Cut them off internet and open source. Ban free flow of peopl and their dirty investment money. Dont let them infiltrate your inet socnets mobilenets business etc.

I basically love trumps idea for treating china.

@tomosaigon ahh plus dont let your financial system be tainted with their investment cash like cow merkel allowed for eu. Its bit worse than letting iran bail you out.

@PawelK I fear this approach is likely to backfire. Just like the US trade war against China.

Out of all these guys the only one who successfully built a wall is China, and it's the one that keeps their internet users inside China.

@tomosaigon imho the ideas both for building walls inside your state and around violent actors states are good. The mistake trump did and we should avoid in future when acting on china is us general goods market is bloody dependant on manufacture in china. Beating addiction should come first before reinforcing from outside chinese wall.

Considering both chinese walls wrt net+phys it could be used against them too and we didnt do it. Ban their exports to us and imports from us of critical goods.

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