Thought experiment: Suppose it's destined that China becomes the global hegemonic superpower & also develops an all-knowing panopticon which can retroactively distinguish persons (not Chinese) who helped her rise and those who actively sought to hinder it. The former received rewards, the latter were executed. Now we all know how China will act one day. What's the right thing for us to do today?

@tomosaigon China invented toilet paper in 600 BC and then said "nah, forget it". They were the world superpower for 21 of 23 centuries of known human history but then they decided to put up a wall and fuck themselves.

They're just humans. Like everyone else.

@Shitlord Haha. I'm fairly skeptical that they will actually become the superpower but for the sake of this thought experiment, some organization needs to be both competent and willing to use "evil" force.

@tomosaigon haha. Competent evil. Good one. I've been watching the conspiracy fuck up all my life. The. World is run by stumbling idiots. I could do a much better job of subjugating the masses.

@tomosaigon @Shitlord

I think a more rational response is to create havens (i.e. other countries) and arm them with the philosophy of Switzerland: being too expensive to attack. Where "too expensive" means even too expensive for a hegemon counting its successes in corpses.

Think a honey badger with a porcupine's spines and a cobra's venom.

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