How many of y'all can work remotely full time? Barbados is offering a 12 month visa to people who just wanna come there to chill and work remote.

@lordzeek no link but a recent Google News search should come up with some press releases from their tourism department about it. 12 months for Americans.

@tomosaigon I do. Well I have an office, but it is just me with way too much room.

@technoid_ ask yourself: would it be better if my office was a b&b on an island?

@tomosaigon Sounds great...for someone else.

At my age, I just want to buy a house. I probably won't move more that 50 miles before I do. Hopefully that isn't tomorrow.

@tomosaigon Damn it. that -5 time difference would be ... unpleasant.

@gray It could be worse... 12 hour time difference. 😂

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