LBRY may be another decentralized YouTube alternative, but it just can't seem to attract quality (non-conspiracy) content. Maybe federation can solve this.

@tomosaigon I think federation as a way of finding high quality information (articles, videos etc.) is flawed. Links, like in Gopher / Gemini / the Web (in the before times) are much better.

@wizzwizz4 I definitely find that the fediverse, or Mastodon implementations of ActivityPub, don't do much for content discovery. And much of the userbase don't want to be discovered. But at least you'll find a lot of honest thoughts.

Replies (like this) are like links, no? Too basic to be used as a general purpose tool, maybe.

@tomosaigon Replies work okay for finding people – and that's what you want on a social media site.

On a video site, you want to find good videos. Not four hundred copies of "Plandemic 3: virologists saw it coming, therefore it was deliberate". But “good” isn't universal, so having videos linking to other videos to get a hand-picked directed graph would be useful.

Algorithmic feeds should never have moved beyond RSS.

@wizzwizz4 Interesting idea, Google PageRank on video citations as a signal of quality. It (probably) wouldn't work currently as there's not enough data (not enough of all videos citing other videos).

Do you think upvoting can't work to crowdsource curation?

@tomosaigon Yes. “Good” isn't universal.

LessWrong is trialling a system where you can upvote tag membership; in a few years, we can see how effective that's been. (The site's not big enough for us to find out much sooner than that.)

But what decides who can upvote? I can't think of any vote assignment system that isn't vulnerable to deliberate abuse, the Scots problem or unrepresentativeness issues.

Remember Goodhart's Law. It's what killed the original PageRank.

@wizzwizz4 quick thought: federated voting values, i.e. you count upvotes from people you federate with. Your count may differ from another person's but that might be good.

@wizzwizz4 I think that is promising. Let your network categorize videos, as well as rate them. Hmm.

@tomosaigon Instead of Amazon's "other people who bought this" filter, you can have "people you consider trustworthy associated these things".

@tomosaigon I've noticed that alternative platforms based around "crypto" seem to draw this type of creator, while something like Peertube seems to draw more leftist creators. Not saying anything but just noticing trends.

@tomosaigon really? I've found arguably less conspiracy content than other YouTube alternatives, to me it seems that LBRY is mostly just tech videos and it hasn't really caught on with other crowds

@LinuxLounge maybe you're right in that it's "less than other alternatives" which itself might be a low bar! But I check in from time to time, now the home page features InfoWars videos. After the conspiracy stuff, next is the coin shilling/dumping content, then after that maybe tech content.

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