- Hello all, this is technically my first post. I stopped using the majority of Social Media Platforms a couple years ago. I use Minds sometimes, but still find it lacking. Mastodon in general looks promising. I'm a Unix Guy "Solaris Admin". Oracle Build Guy. IT Manager. Drupal Developer. Ex Smart Phone User "Thank you Alcatel". Canuck. Hockey Player and a Musician.

I'm really looking forward to my time here. I'm liking what I'm seeing already.

@krankshk welcome to the instance! Wow, still running Solaris? I haven't touched it much since, well, SunOS.

I never could find many interesting people on Minds (geeks, devs, Unix greybeards, what have you), whereas the fediverse seems like a more ideal gathering place.

@tomosaigon - I have not touched Solaris either in a very long time. Since 2006 when I did my last build for Oracle. I moved into The Web Admin Universe using CentOS. Not exciting at all, but It's sufficient. Nowadays I just Nerd out on stuff.


@krankshk I know what that's like. The fediverse itself is something to nerd out on! And see what random people are up to.

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