If Apple supported side loading apps on iPhone, and added a USB-C port,, I'd switch in a second.

I know it's not foss but my current flagship Android is grasping for breath after merely 3 years, and hasn't gotten security updates in a year.

Meanwhile iPhones from 7 years ago keep chugging along.

@karan when you say flagship, do you mean like a google pixel? or samsung? I was under the impression things like security updates were dependent on the manufacturer, and that some got updates sooner than others (like if I remember correctly samsung was pretty slow about those kinds of things compared to things like the google pixel)


@gaurdianaq @karan Google phones and those in the Android One program are guaranteed to get security updates for awhile longer.

Also, I think iPhones use USB-C now. But you can afford to buy multiple Androids for 1 iPhone.

@tomosaigon ipads are usb-c I think. iPhones are still listening @gaurdianaq

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