I think a lot of people on here should watch the show Devs. It touches on all-knowing & all-too-powerful Silicon Valley companies with secret state ties.

@raretrack yes! Don't want to spoil it for anyone. But I feel a lot was left undeveloped / unexplained even though I don't expect another season.

@tomosaigon Loved the show as a whole, but we found the main character’s performance to be be subpar with the rest

@wdavery Lily / Sonoya Mizuno? My friend really liked her but I found the acting just gloomy. But enjoyed her in Maniac greatly.

@tomosaigon yeah, my SO especially thought there was a disconnect between what the character portrayed and what the other characters perceived/reacted. The lines made more sense than the delivery
I haven’t seen her in anything else to compare, I’ll check out Maniac

@wdavery I agree with that assessment... Other people just acted like normal people. She had to go be super weird.

Also check Deus Ex Machina.

You may not even recognize her in her other roles.

@tomosaigon Ughhhhh, great. Another show I need to put on my watch-list and finally get to in six months. Thanks a *lot*, Tomo. 😋

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