Do you like #gopher and #gemini? Are you in open revolt against the devilish mainstream internet, renouncing Web 2.0 and all its works?

If you use terminal colours via internet, please hit me up, here or on the textnet. I’m trying to make a central depot for gopher and Gemini colour sites, especially any artists doing ASCII/UTF8/BIG5 &c.


What can I say; I’m a bbs kid. I like CLI text. I like pretty primary colours.

@Shufei I grew up on bbses and still celebrate ANSi art.

But have no intention of regressing back into dialup bbs for my communications or regressing to gopher either...

@tomosaigon Easy there, hoss... No one is going to dragoon you into progressing toward the modern textnet demimonde, I totes promise. haha.


@Shufei I'm using hoss as my pronoun from now henceforth

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