OpenVPN, cont'd 

Some other things to note:

While being popular with many implementations, the clients aren't standardized and even the official clients for Linux vs Android vs macOS work very differently, like completely unrelated projects.

There's a popular .ovpn file format used to config clients but it's not standard. Some clients require it. It's basically just a client config file concatenated with 3 certificates which are each inside XML-ish tags.


OpenVPN, cont'd 

There are multiple clients for each platform & the official ones aren't necessarily the best.

By default, it only creates a server-client tunnel w/o packet forwarding (routed instead of bridged isn't sufficient alone), unlike a consumer VPN client. The OpenVPN company (yes, it's commercial) does sell a personal VPN product.

Servers can specify various options but clients don't implement them. Getting DNS config changes applied requires hacks (like custom shell scripts in Linux).

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