Linux shenanigans 

Hey cat people, SARS-CoV-2 (the virus which causes COVID-19) can infect cats who can then shed the virus further. Dogs apparently don't carry the virus much. So maybe keep your cats indoors or wearing N95s.

Not an April Fools joke 

Behind The Scenes Of Folding@Home: How Do You Fight a Virus with Distributed Computing?

A great big Thank You to everyone who answered the call to participate in Folding@Home, helping to understand proteins interactions of SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes C…

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Factoid: More than 1% of suburban Detroiters (Oakland County) speak Neo Aramaic, oldschool Aramaic being the language Jesus is thought to have spoken

Next time you see a new protocol, github repo, manifesto, or kickstarter for a #distributed social network, post this in the comments, and fire up the popcorn maker:

Looking for COVID-safe activities? How about landscaping a Japanese garden in the bed of a mini truck (Americans have probably never seen such small trucks)

Could one make Bash: save stdout+stderr to unique temp files on each line of interactive command but still display output in the terminal, w/o manually rewriting each command 🤔

If you still have a job, hold onto it tight. Crowdsourced list of companies that are in a hiring freeze now (growing fast):

May trigger Apple fanboys 

bash hacks 

fuuuu.... Linux kernel locking up desktop with BUG: unable to handle page fault for address. How to begin debugging this.

How do you all feel about every free OS and Linux distro having their own package management system, and then every language (python, nodejs, golang) also having their own package management?

Backups on Linux? 

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Backups on Linux? 

Long read. Benchmark on new HP ZPro 17 ($5000 machine) has Windows beating Linux, and Ubuntu beating Clear Linux on performance. Power management remains a weak point for Linux on the desktop & IMO needs more attention!

Whether you work with Markdown (blogging w/ Jekyll, etc. even now WordPress) or simply encounter's in other git repos:
`gem install mdless` - tool for viewing markdowned text
`gem install mdl` - linter for markdown

We are seeing supply chain disruptions, especially in healthcare. And the sore spot are these low margin products, like face masks or toilet paper. Market forces won't keep extra bulky supply around for emergencies.

Machine learning to analyze coughs recorded by your phone's microphone

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