Do birds have butts? The answer is yes + that they breathe through their butts.

Internet is slow and super expensive in Cuba. But Havana has a private wired and wireless connecting 1000s of gamers to play WoW, trade networking gear on a homemade Craigslist, and chat.

It's called SNET:

When installing the right version of the language is harder than building the software which is harder than using the software, you know you're using .

A long take on in the longer arc of "information nationalism" being played by Russia, China, and the US.

The US can't handle the truth:

The stores sell all kinds of bottles green tea (and sweetened versions). But can I just brew a bunch of green tea myself and stick it in the fridge or does it require some preservatives... 🤔

Mastodon release news is on Hacker News and the discussion is already recommending Gab to represent the :

What if instead of just paying to download a file, you could request a file (by hash) and parties would bid down a price to supply the file to you in a blind auction. Maybe even built on .

Funny how "free speech" accounts fully support a government banning a social media platform which had recently criticized it. 🤔

What demoscene-style animation could you make in 140 characters of ? Dwitter:

are decentralized. Can they be decentralized file storage? Explore the Bitcoin Files Protocol - N.B. It isn't on Bitcoin! Day 8

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Thanks for coming to my talk.

Depending on public cloud storage for your private data comes w/ various risks. Organizations w/ terabytes of data should look at tape / LTO solutions: Day 7

Ok, the account @richtechexec on Twitter is performance art. @PunchableFaceVI is part of the act.

Anyone bloggers (perhaps ) using ? I'm looking for ways and inspiration to set it up and display mentions like normal blog comments.

But I especially want replies to show up.

IMO every Linux should by default come with basic troubleshooting commands like netstat or dig and that ifconfig should still be included, instead of needing internet and installing packages.

Panax in Greek meant "all-healing" but now if you Google it all you'll find is ginseng. Its healing power was legendary.

Panacea is a cognate we use in English.

Data exodus from the cloud? Besides your hard drive, look at burning data to BD-R, but make sure it's M-DISC: Decentralize your data Day 6

In 1980s Serbia (fmr Yugoslavia) DJs would broadcast software over the radio so listeners could record on cassettes and run warez on their homemade computers.

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