What if man had invented/developed audio-based computing before visual (terminal console and later GUI)?

MIT Technology Review lists Data Trusts as 1 of 10 breakthrough technologies of the year. Something like the fediverse where you could place personal information w/ a service and then permitted organizations/governments could access w/o potential for leaking data when inevitably hacked. technologyreview.com/2021/02/2

Scientists have achieved 2-way communications with people while asleep and dreaming. Can you imagine programming your phone to remind you to do stuff while dreaming? npr.org/2021/02/27/971958260/s

What good is an electrified vibrating toothbrush if you still need a regular toothbrush to feel clean?

broke: battling over the last roll of toilet paper

woke: harvesting snow for water to flush the toilet

Sloppy focus and page up/down keys. It's the little things that improve the experience of using Linux over macOS.

Sleep states are "not elegant" in Linux at best, maybe Intel arch is to blame.

For those who run non-laptop Linux desktops, do you use the low power suspension / hibernate?

Find open source projects improving the world at Meaningful Code. From science and education to health and the environment. meaningfulcode.org/

UBI should be re-framed as "negative rate interest loans to all Americans and not just corporations"

Since end 2020 @Facebook@twitter.com banned linking in FB posts to delta.chat stating "violation of community standards". Multiple people filed complaints but nothing happened, no responses, no explanations, nothing. Please help (RT/like or comment how to proceed). Thanks!

Meanwhile, China just reached Mars and are orbiting the planet.

Jesus, I'm bored. If only there was an exclusive conference call or Zoom meeting I could get invited to and only ran on iOS.

While not yet culturing my own yogurt, I do like to stick local yogurt in the freezer to freeze then take it out (thaw for a minute) to eat like ice cream. And turns out the cold doesn't kill off the probiotics.

BSD vs Linux?

On one hand, systemd is monolithic and backed by companies with funding like RedHat.

OTOH, the BSDs are poorly funded with less hardware support than even Linux has. The funding gap will probably only ever increase. What remains is preferring BSD licensing over GPL.

What's everybody printing so much of?

I need to print less than a handful of times per year and haven't owned a printer in over a decade. I just go to a local print shop ("why own when you can rent?")

I've seen users from Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, expat in Cambodia, Philippines.

But no Fediverse folks from where the military is shutting down Facebook which is the internet for most people there.

IBM has a roadmap for 100x faster quantum computing in a year, and some of that will come by opening up their platform to the open source community: ibm.com/blogs/research/2021/02

Are we all getting our recommended 15' of midday UVB rays? Getting hit through windows doesn't count. Stand outside mostly naked for greater efficiency.

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