@r3pek yeah well you guessed it. The tank is crowded. I only do a water change when necessary, ie: nitrates get close to 80ppm, and that happens on average every 3 weeks. I prefer doing a larger water change less often and it seems that the fish can take it 💪

@verzulli oh yeah definitely head about it. I have an obsession with monitoring and I expect to cross that bridge when the hobby gets easier.

I've started looking into reef-pi. you familiar with it ?

Poo talk 💩 

@kev wait till they get worms .....

@kev @hejowhat I might try to convince the kids to make a necklace with 😂

@kev AFAIK you're nowhere near nasty enough in emails to be as "cool" as him ...

@stimzim I'm not sure tbh. They'll probably go in a box in the attic. My cyber paranoia just forbids me to throw them away 😀

@hejowhat yes that's a good idea. I'm just wondering if aluminum heat conductivity might not be ideal for hot drinks ...

@kev not sure if that counts but THE Linus moved to Rizen for his main dev system in May lkml.iu.edu/hypermail/linux/ke

@kev late to the party, but still ...
Already mentioned, Charles Petzold's Code. Andy Greenberg's Sandworm Joseph Menn's Cul of the Dead Cow.

@kev @basil @randynose I was at some point. I might dig it out of the cellar and try it out again, if it still works.

@basil @randynose @kev I had one of them, or rather have, it's probably somewhere in the cellar. I phased it out. I've had every model of the logi anywhere mice since.

I can't believe I'm considering rewiring my house with cat6a ...

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