@kev late to the party, but still ...
Already mentioned, Charles Petzold's Code. Andy Greenberg's Sandworm Joseph Menn's Cul of the Dead Cow.

@kev @basil @randynose I was at some point. I might dig it out of the cellar and try it out again, if it still works.

@basil @randynose @kev I had one of them, or rather have, it's probably somewhere in the cellar. I phased it out. I've had every model of the logi anywhere mice since.

I can't believe I'm considering rewiring my house with cat6a ...

@kev don't feel bad about it, people made a movie about one typeface ... en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Helvetic, check it out it's a good documentary.

@kev @basil by avenge, did you mean rewrite it in js ? pass fank ya.

@kev @basil 2020 and people rediscover the <blink> element ...

@andyc i3 is good. I recommend giving awesome a go too.

@kev not yet ... I'm not sure it's going to be easy with jekyll but I'll have a go.

Publishing on the .

This one is a bit light on explanation but I've let code speak for itself.


A first look at overides with , minimal mistakes and the . Hopefully the first of a 2-parter:

@basil It felt sadly unfinished to me and it took me out of it. But I know other people who reacted the same way you did.

@kev 0.001% of git features covers 99.999% of use cases. You can "fully use" git with 5 subcomands: clone, diff, commit push and pull. Every time I need to do anything else I have to google it first.


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