Publishing on the .

This one is a bit light on explanation but I've let code speak for itself.

@tomdeb welcome to the ! You started playing with Webmention yet?

@kev @tomdeb I see more and more people adopting this standard by publishing this data. What I don't really see is anyone using it. And I can't really imagine a situation where it would be useful to have such an h-card of someone except of guest authorships on other blogs. But even there I see reasonable concern to just embed third-party data on your site.

@sheogorath @tomdeb the h-card is used by the IndieWeb. So anytime I mention another blog, or they lookup mine, they use the Microformats to pull certain data about me and my site. It’s kinda like your profile on the IndieWeb. It isn’t “used” as such, not by humans at least.

@kev not yet ... I'm not sure it's going to be easy with jekyll but I'll have a go.

@tomdeb I imagine you would have to build every time a comment is posted. I know @jle and @basil have done it with Hugo, but I don’t know anyone who has done it with Jekyll off the top of my head.

@kev @tomdeb

For receiving webmentions on static sites:
Some folk just pull em in at build time.

some do that and schedule builds to keep them relatively up to date.

some do that and then have javascript to pull in any since the last build.

I just pull them all from javascript, because I'm lazy.

For sending:
I haven't looked into automating this yet, but I will.
Keeping track of what I've already sent, maybe based on time, etc.

I just send them manually at the moment.

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