This does not look like the edge of a rock.

Mastcam-Z R
Sol 489 LMST:10:18:00
Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/ASU

@tom30519 More thermal blanket snippets? I guess when the stage crashed it shredded that stuff into a thousand bits. And the wind is clearly strong enough to pepper the landscape with it.

To me, it looks too much like a rigid edge of something, rather than the thermal blanket material. Almost certainly some part of the crane, though, I would assume.

@tom30519 All right, which of you idiots left your MacBook on Mars

It is the same thermal blanket we saw before maybe at a slightly different position, now seen from a different angle.

Yep, definitely the same piece; I didn't recognize the rocks from the new angle.

@tom30519 @65dBnoise the piece also "flaps" with the winds, which may add to the confusion

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