isn't merely a drone humming away in the thin air of another planet. It is actually a breakthrough in space technology, because it provides:

1) a different transportation mode with completely different operational parameters and flexibility
2) strong evidence that much cheaper/quicker deployed/higher risk missions are very possible

Extra bonus: all this is done using mostly off-the-shelf components. And .

And a great engineering team, of course!

Here is the latest flight 29:

Awesome! Go, Ginny, go!! 🚁 🚁

And had enough power after the flight to download all those navcam images, too.

If the commercial components have lasted this long in the frigid Martian temperatures without heaters, then there's good hope it will make it through the winter.

@tom30519 I wanted to speculate that this "drunk driver" path took yesterday was to find a better spot for a radio link with the heli, but ended up mentioning my many failures to guess the reasons behind Perseverance erratic behavior in the past.😜


That 10 RTE images from flight 23 were able to be transferred from the heli to lends weight to your speculation about Percy finding a good location for the radio link. 🤔

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