Question for people who work on a computer for long hours: what chair do you use?

I used an Aeron at my last job for years, and really liked it. Need something for home office now, as the bar stool by the kitchen counter is not exactly an ergonomic wonder.

@tobym typical office chair but then found the miracle of the yoga ball. Builds up core and lower back while typing. 👍

@mg you use the ball alone, or one of those chair-with-ball-as-seat setups? Also...any drawbacks in your experience?

@tobym I use the ball alone. I feel it forces good posture, used to suffer from crazy monkey neck from being at kB so long. Takes a bit to get used to but once there you won’t go back. Another bonus it forces you to stand to readjust at times so a win win. imo

@tobym my favorite work chair is a high stool at the kitchen table at work. I really dislike swivel chairs.

@tobym An office type swivel chair. The casters it came with were bad so I swapped them out for some red ones.

@tobym anything ergonomic with great support that encourages good posture. But I also have a veridesk to move between sitting and standing through out the day. Sitting all day caused me a back injury.

@mattgen88 in practice, how do you use the desk...switch on a schedule, when you feel like it, ...?

@tobym switch it up depending how I feel mostly. Good shoes are a must, as is a good quality fatigue mat. I want to get an 'active mat' that has different terrain on it to stretch different muscles.

@tobym I use a mesh chair with wheels. I can't stand feeling even slightly sweaty/sticky so I won't go near any sort of cloth or leather chair.

@wbrawner good call on temperature, though climate control should be able to handle this even if the chair isn't particularly breathable, no?

@tobym Possibly. I live in Mexico and have no heating or AC at home so I couldn't tell you :P

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