Recently have seen some developers passionately claiming that only game and HFT devs need to think about performance. That's a cop-out, and misguided. Computers are fast, yes, but a bit of unnecessary slowness at each of many layers makes for a frustratingly slow experience. A little thinking about common inputs and efficiency is not premature's always a judgement call about how far to go.

Some relevant links:

A Firefox plugin that sends a Chrome user agent whenever on a domain.

One of the most useful professional and personal habits I’ve developed over time has been to keep notebooks. Keep the conventions simple, record as much as you can, use timestamps, and think about searchability.

I used an Aeron at my last job for years, and really liked it. Need something for home office now, as the bar stool by the kitchen counter is not exactly an ergonomic wonder.

Question for people who work on a computer for long hours: what chair do you use?

StackOverflow has a beautiful 90's Geocities-style aesthetic for April Fool's

As of today, pretty much got the hang of Airflow. Main gripe...why is it soooo slloooow to pick up new DAGs?

Is the main purpose of HTTPie (compared to curl) a slightly simpler/lighter-weight way to send JSON data?

Apache Beam + Google Dataflow is a pretty great system. Sane and expressive programming model unifying stream and batch, magically scalable runtime...what's not to love?

What are your favorite tools for diagramming system architectures and flowcharts? I use PlantUML for ascii-driven sequence diagrams and love it. For systems diagrams...I cycle through lucidcharts, gliffy, google drawings, powerpoint with no rhyme or reason.

Today I broke BigQuery's planner with an overly complex query. 🤔

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Anyone here a skilled user? Getting "Invalid device name /dev/sda" when I launch from a template, even after choosing a different device name. :(

Even at the height of my programming days, I still used vim more than half the time (IntelliJ the rest). With , I am mostly in VS Code. Interesting.

Discovered `iferr` snippet in VS Code...that shaves off countless milliseconds! I never really got into snippets before, in any editor or IDE.

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I got my 2 yesterday. I must admit that it's a considerable downgrade from the Nexus 5X in many ways (performance, screen size, resolution, phone size and ergonomics, speaker sound quality), but the sustainability aspect is really cool!
Being able to open your phone and disassemble it without automatically voiding your warranty is very refreshing.

Thanks to recent work in , I can now type `if err != nil {<Enter>` even faster than I can smash <Esc>.

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@hrthu "The two political camps in the free software community are the free software movement and open source. The free software movement is a campaign for computer users' freedom; we say that a nonfree program is an injustice to its users. The open source camp declines to see the issue as a matter of justice to the users, and bases its arguments on practical benefits only."

"Software built up over years from millions of lines of code, branching and unfolding and intertwining, comes to behave more like an organism than a machine."

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