Happens all the time when cleaning up old projects.πŸ˜…

A sample screenshot:

I'm fine with auto-deciding the colorscheme for a site, but not that it decides the favicon for you.

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Stackoverflow pulled the scariest joke.

It's already April the second tho... :blobthinkingeyes:

I like how linux gives you all the tools and allows you to do everything

... even the stuff that hurts you.


I'm currently going the nomad style on (so no base, just my inventory) and I am always moving south.

Man just day 3 and I've already seen some nice places. Check out this HUGE village:

I feel like spamming memes tonight (but this one is good too). 

Another .

Why would you put that as a review about your addon??πŸ˜‚

I just got a new book ^^. Finally I too have the 'Gang of Four' book.

Get ready for some AbatractFactoryObserverImplementationSingleton....

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