"I love #FreeSoftware, therefore I host all my #FLOSS projects on a proprietary platform like #GitHub or #GitLab.com"

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@tobtobxx GitLab.com hosts a proprietary GitLab Enterprise Edition, which is not equal to GitLab, the Free self-hosted Software. Developers who are using GitLab.com are using a non-free software tool, hosted behind Cloudflare.

@codeberg @tobtobxx Does the enterprise version run for free users as well? I thought it's only for paid users.

I also found something like this on their about.gitlab.com/pricing/ page:

AFAICT, the official GitLab.com and self-hosted versions still look slightly different, while they of course preserve certain features for paid users, too. Don't nail me on this, though - we decided for Gitea because it's not backed by a company and there is no such thing as an Enterprise Version at all.


Yeah, it's understandable. GitLab is so complicated anyway. I checked its install instructions once and it had steps after steps of instructions. But Gitea's looked simpler.

It was a good choice. I need the software to get out of the way, not control my workflow. It's just a source code repo after all. It is not as minimal as sourcehut that I need to relearn some of the stuff, and not too complex or full of features I don't need. Very suitable to build a community project.

@tobtobxx there's a fairly long treatise here: git.sdf.org/humanacollaborator

Note it only applies to the hosted version. Running gitlab-ee self-hosted is a different story.

@fedops @tobtobxx indeed. Keep in mind even the CE code is maintained by single corporate entity without active developer community outside

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