So remember when I wrote about my first with the ? Yeah here's more from our trip to the Wallis (CH): (All made with my pinephone, with the Megapixels app)

@tobtobxx Wait that was taken with the pinephone? That looks like it can be taken with an android phone. But no its taken with 100% open source software.

@tobtobxx i gotta get myself a pinephone... I need a new project to keep me busy

@tobtobxx The photos look quite good.

But you can see there isn't a HDR-mode. Is it?

@lauteshirn Nah probably not. I haven't fiddled around with the settings, but I don't think so. It does however store the raw files, so you might be able to do some post processing.

@tobtobxx Looks beautiful! Though please tell me the relatively low resolution is a choice and not related to any hardware limitations. Also I take it there are no videos to share... main reason I've still been holding off from buying a #Pinephone is that it officially can't film video yet.

@MirceaKitsune I don't know if hardware limitation, but that's what I get in Megapixels (the app) and I don't see a setting for res. So yeah, maybe hardware limitation. If you want great photography, I'd not recommend Pinephones.

As for video: While photographing, you get a live preview at a reduced res, so video should be possible with lower res right now and with improvements maybe even with the same res. I gotta try...

@tobtobxx Thank you: If you do please let me know what you find. I need to be able to shoot video too, at least 1080p @ 30 FPS. I asked on their forum and they said there aren't hardware limitations in that, just no GUI software to do it just yet (last time I checked).

The rear camera sensor in the is only 5 megapixels. The front one is 2MP...

At this time my main gripe is that you have to wait 30 to 60 seconds before taking another shot. That's how long it takes for the taken picture to be saved on eMMC... I hope this can be improved at some point. Burst mode seems out of question for now...

@normandc 30 seconds? In my experience it was almost instantaneous, but Megapixels shows the higher res photo for 1s (which means the image must've already been processed, maybe not saved though). Then again, I haven't fiddled with anything, so I might not have used the full resolution.


Fedilab apparently ate up my original reply. 🙄

Have you tried taking a photo as soon as live preview becomes active again? It has never worked for me. I have to wait until the photo just taken is processed or saved to disk (unsure which is happening), which can take 30-60 seconds. Sometimes it makes Megapixels crash.

I've seen this on two separate Mobian installs, Manjaro Plasma Mobile, and on postmarketOS edge.

@tobtobxx @MirceaKitsune
Also, I didn't touch the settings, apart from disabling raw files from being saved. I'm pretty sure Megapixels uses the camera sensor's max resolution (not on my Pinephone right now).

@normandc @tobtobxx Just for the record: I don't have one of the devices yet, so I can't answer that myself. I'm asking as I'm trying to make sure everything is good before ordering mine.

There was also an issue reported by some users with the screen coming unglued. Wanted to be sure that's gotten better too.

@MirceaKitsune Ok, I think the best way to show you the feel of the camera is to show you. Take this video of me photographing with my pinephone (in real time). In the background you see me watching the number of files on the pinephone (via ssh). When it changes, the picture file has been stored. Note that I installed the os on the internal memory, not on the SD card.

As for the second point: It's hard to provide real data, but here's my anecdote: It's been good.


@MirceaKitsune Ok, the quality isn't that great of the monitor behind, but it's a bit more than a second after pressing the button.


@tobtobxx @MirceaKitsune
I can't watch that video on Tootle. Will watch it later on my Android phone.

My point was: sure, when you take a picture in Megapixels, the live preview becomes available in a second or two. Megapixels becomes responsive again very quickly. But trying to snap another picture produces no result as long as the prior one isn't saved which takes between 30 to 60 seconds. Please try it. Any picture you attempt to take in the meantime won't be saved.

@tobtobxx @MirceaKitsune
Well I have to rescind what I was saying as it is no longer true. That will teach me to check again before talking out of my ... 😅

So to be clear, I just re-checked with Megapixels 1.3.0 on postmarketOS edge. I had no issue taking 3 pictures in a row, as soon as Megapixels' UI became responsive again after a shot, in a second or two. It just takes time for images to be saved on disk, and be viewable. I don't know in which version this was fixed.

@tobtobxx @MirceaKitsune
Duh, just now figure out the small three-dot contextual menu in Tootle to open it in a browser. Watching the gif fine now, yeah, forget what I wrote about not taking successive shots, brain fart on my part. 😅

Also: guitar player? 😀

@normandc Casual. Right now I'm learning the piano, so the guitar stands rather untouched in the last few weeks. But I enjoy jamming on the guitar more, probably because I'm more proficient.

I learned piano as a child up to 13 year old. I've forgotten most of it. I came to the guitar late, at 23. It's been 30 years this summer. But I'm a casual player too, relatively proficient but no expert. I can't solo worth a damn. 😅 What I like with the guitar is that no matter your proficiency level, you can have fun. 3 chords, a strumming pattern and there you go. 🎸

@normandc Yeah. And what I often do too, is to just put on a backing track and jam the scale to it.

@MirceaKitsune @tobtobxx
I got a UBports Community Edition Pinephone in July 2020, and a (Manjaro) Plasma Mobile in February or March 2021. Both of their screens are fine. Of course that's rather a smallish sample to base on. ;-)

@MirceaKitsune MHO: I bought the device as a developer to have hardware to develop against. Not primarily as a future daily-driver. I'd recommend getting one if you want to develop (or just test or document) software for it. If you want to buy it to use it, then I'd personally advise against it, as much as I'd love to advertise it. It's just no where near what you can get with a degoogled AOSP-fork.


@tobtobxx @MirceaKitsune
I have a slightly different opinion. It's true Linux mobile OSes have a long way to go on the Pinephone and Librem5 compared to de-googled AOSP phones. It doesn't mean they should only be used by devs even now. You just have to manage your expectations. I'm no dev, yet my Pinephone was my main phone for 3 months until it wouldn't boot up anymore on my 1st day of vacation. I haven't put back my SIM card in it yet only due to laziness.


@tobtobxx @MirceaKitsune
For me, freeing myself from Google's clutches is a priority. AOSP forks ultimately fail at this objective as they base their work on a project that is still controlled by Google, open source or not.

If a good camera is important for you, I would suggest looking at second hand devices supported by UBports' Ubuntu Touch. I used it for a year on a OnePlus One phone. I believe the OnePlus 6 is now supported. Of course, apps availability is an issue.


@normandc @tobtobxx 5 MP sounds good. My only expectation really is that it's not any worse than my current phone, which is an old Samsung Galaxy S3 from the 2010's. It can do 1080p @ 30 FPS for video which is the minimum I'd want from the #Pinephone as well.

@tobtobxx In the last picture you can see me standing on the Grimselpass taking another photo with the pinephone.
They are all arround the place these days 😄

@petrisch no kidding? Like in the eveneing of 8th october?

@tobtobxx yes 🙈
We were passing from Tessin/Nufenen/Grimsel. Must have been around 18:00 when we entered the sad truth of fog on the Bern side again.

Forgot to say in my other replies: awesome shots!

Could you send a original image with a blue sky? I'd like to see it original.
I'm an image scientist and I'd like do see the image quality. I think there is work that can be done to improve #pinephone images.

@ColinBrosseau Sure!

I happened to have the "Save raw files" option on, so I attached the .dng file. No idea what it contains, but you might find it useful.

I also shot comparison pictures with my OnePlus 5 with Lineage OS (stock camera app). I attached a photo from the same location (on the suspension bridge) but with a slightly different angle.

I think there can be done a lot with software on the pinephone. I don't know a lot in this regard, but good luck to you!

@ColinBrosseau I have more side-by-side pictures with both phones and raw files. If you could use more samples, just @ me again.

Thank you a lot. This is really helpfull to have both the raw and image processed. Having two differens cameras is a big plus.
I'll have fun with that.
It may leads to me buying a Pinephone to work on it's camera.

My god... Pinephone processed image (jpg) is just ugly....

The raw file show many not nice feature too, but clearly the raw -> jpg introduce/boots a lot of problems.

I think that there is a high potential of improvement here.


By looking at the "jpg" image you sent me, I see a quite fast exposure time and quite high sensor gain (aka ISO).
I do not know if these are real or not and what is the base ISO, but it seems that the AE may have strange way of balancing gain/shutter.

Have you used auto or manual exposure?


This is going to be difficult to work on that without an actual device... :(

@ColinBrosseau FWIW, you could try to install Megapixels on a Laptop, if that helps. It might work.

Ha... Megapixels uses GTK4 which is not available on Ubuntu 20.04 that I use for work. I do not want that level of mess with my work computer. So I'll wait a bit for that... :(

@ColinBrosseau But thanks for your investigation so far, you've given me hope 😄.

@ColinBrosseau Auto. ISO and shutter time is adjustable. Today's nice weather at home so I can create a few shots soon, I can try every value.

If you have fun with it, go ahead. But at some point I'll have to handle the whole thing (with an actual device) to really see what is going on internally.

@ColinBrosseau Oh, I thought it was a selection, but ISO and shutter are a slider that go between 0-1000 or 1-360 resp. So shooting for every value is rather impossible.

Yeah I see. Thanks for checking that.
I guess I'll wait to have an actual device in hand to work that.

For now, I'll see with the post processing (ie raw->jpg).

I now understand that the "post-processing" (aka ISP, or raw->jpg) it done by dcdraw and not by Megapixels.
So it comes to "" parameters...

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