Full disclosure. The preformance is as bad as expected. But I'm not disappointed.

One full system upgrade and reeboot later, and I'll take that back. Performance is better than expected. Amazing how much Software has improved.


And now the camera works too!!

Take this first picture from my , sent from it direclty.

Thank you @PINE64 and all the countless software devs working for and with or themselves.

@benoit Yeah, it isn't known for great photos. It's enough for me however, since better quality pics would mean that I would actually have to know something about photography, but now I can blame it on the hardware😅.

Wait, they made great photos in the 1970s.
Ever heard about #lomography en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lomogr ?
Let's call this #pineography until the next generations show up. 😃

@tobtobxx @PINE64 my camera looks like crap, but I take it as a blessing and just turn them off. Eventually I want to get another stand alone camera.
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