Just discovered the client for Desktop.

It is awesome. (Just whish it would support the favicon.txt...)


A sample screenshot:

I'm fine with auto-deciding the colorscheme for a site, but not that it decides the favicon for you.

@tobtobxx I'm in the midst of building my own gemini client which supports custom css. I could add support for favicon.txt, if you want. gemium.binyam.in/

@binyamin Before I ask any other questions:

Why exactly are you hiding the contents of "Help it Launch" behind a summary?😂

@binyamin Ah, yeah I already checked it out. I'm not a fan of Electron though, so I uninstalled it again.

Sorry, I know is easy to develop with, but I just dislike the technology.

@tobtobxx That's fair. I'm trying to think of ways to gain brownie points in that area, since gemini is all about minimal. Maybe measuring and displaying good performance stats?

@binyamin Providing a built package to download? Building it with npm really demonstrates how heavy it is.

@tobtobxx I didn't really think it was ready yet. Should I provide a package anyway?

@binyamin Well, there are probably more important areas to work on for now, but definitely think about it whenever you're ready to get steady users.

@tobtobxx Lol nothing scary. The designer in me couldn't bare to leave those bullet points in the open. It just didn't look perfect.

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