Just discovered the client for Desktop.

It is awesome. (Just whish it would support the favicon.txt...)

A sample screenshot:

I'm fine with auto-deciding the colorscheme for a site, but not that it decides the favicon for you.

@tobtobxx I'm in the midst of building my own gemini client which supports custom css. I could add support for favicon.txt, if you want.

@binyamin Before I ask any other questions:

Why exactly are you hiding the contents of "Help it Launch" behind a summary?😂

@binyamin Ah, yeah I already checked it out. I'm not a fan of Electron though, so I uninstalled it again.

Sorry, I know is easy to develop with, but I just dislike the technology.

@tobtobxx That's fair. I'm trying to think of ways to gain brownie points in that area, since gemini is all about minimal. Maybe measuring and displaying good performance stats?

@binyamin Providing a built package to download? Building it with npm really demonstrates how heavy it is.

@tobtobxx I didn't really think it was ready yet. Should I provide a package anyway?

@binyamin Well, there are probably more important areas to work on for now, but definitely think about it whenever you're ready to get steady users.

@tobtobxx Lol nothing scary. The designer in me couldn't bare to leave those bullet points in the open. It just didn't look perfect.

@oppen Yeah, I'll try to find the RFC again, but at least implements it. Just place one unicode char into /favicon.txt and that's it.

@tobtobxx oh, an emoji. Hmm, that's a bit trivial. I wonder what other changes have been made to the spec lately.

@oppen But as I mentioned in this thread, it seems to be controversial.

However GUS and Houston seem to be down, so I am having trouble finding the RFC, as well as some proof of controversy...

... I still have a search engine planned...

@tobtobxx yeah, I can imagine it got a mixed reaction. I don't think I'll implement it on Ariane, it seems a bit superfluous.

@oppen My opinion is: Don't use it as site icon, but as favicon (favourites icon). Right now you don't display any site-specific icon in your UI.

Because of the controversy I wouldn't display them while browsing. But when you bookmark a page, why not fetch it and attach it to the bookmark?

@tobtobxx yes, and actually thinking about it they would help give a visual helper with how I'm implementing tabs...

@oppen @tobtobxx It has been a highly debated subject on the mailing list and on amfora github indeed…
I won't give my personal opinion as in the end, it is to browser developper to decide to use it (as optional) or not and to capsule owner to have one or not.

@bacardi55 my initial reaction was to dismiss it, but see other reply, emoji could help with tabs on mobile and there's no harm using them in bookmarks either.

@oppen If you want my opinion, I don't think it's worth it, because soon enough you'll have tab with multiple times the same emoji and won't make sens.

If you are interested (but you shoudln't ^^, my full opinion is there:

Please just keep it optional if you add it though :)

@bacardi55 it's an extra network round trip for a single character, it does seem a little bizarre, may have been better in the success meta after the mime if anywhere. I'll have a read of your capsule shortly.

@tobtobxx @oppen "GUS replacement": gemini://

If you gonna takle the search engine thing and are interested in contributors let me know. uses the source of GUS which needs some improvements - or better a major overhaul.

Maybe @oppen can replace the default search in #Ariane to use 😀

@rwa I'll definitely make it configurable at least, and if GUS is down change the default too!

@rwa @oppen Yeah I found it. I'll have to dig into it's source. I just watched a few talks about Elasticsearch and saw this application, but never really dug into the matter.

Maybe in a few months, I'm kinda full on projects right now. But I'll tag you.

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