@neauoire I really gotta reasearch WHAT plan 9 is. I hear it all over the place but don't know what it is. Some kind of alternative to GNU coreutils?

@tobtobxx it's not a unix, it's a different hobby operating system. It's popular on here because it's built from the ground up with very sane designs.

@neauoire @tobtobxx
> not a unix
plan 9 was the spiritual successor to unix. it is unix 2.0
> hobby
its a research OS. made by the original unix guys before bell fired them :blobcatadorable:
@neauoire @tobtobxx some of the big brains behind plan 9 ended up at google; Go is, essentially, Limbo. Which was the language for Inferno. Which was what happened to Plan 9 during some attempts to find new markets for it.

@icedquinn Hooooold up... So many new words.

So I "know" what Go is (never used it though). You mebtion Go is the finished product of the guys that were before trying to crate the language named as Limbo (for Plan 9)?

What is Inferno then?

in the beginning there was MULTICS
later there was Unix
the world marched on with Unix but Bell Labs decided to improve upon this again and made Plan 9.
but unix was good enough so nobody could replace it, other than windoze which just snuck by through fiat.
the working group for plan 9 was sold off, and the company rewrote it as a virtual machine hoping they could use that to get it on more platforms and find a market that they could sell it to. this rewrite was Inferno.
the virtual machine was called Dis, and the language was called Limbo, which basically became similar to the "java runs on mobile devices" but it was a much simpler system overall.
nobody cared about Inferno so it sunk.
Google hired Pike who designed it, who in turn made Go, which is basically Limbo but instead of running on Dis it just runs as a normal program.

@icedquinn Now I really feel urged to try out Go... I'm through Rust so I have the time again.

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